Friday, April 13, 2018

Our Immigration Journey has Come to a Close

Finally. After years of doing everything we can to make USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security happy, our immigration journey has finally ended. Today, Rohit became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America!

I feel like this is a big change in our lives and we've worked very hard to get here. The dynamics of our relationship and our life is now going to change.

I can't back it up with research but I feel like being a permanent residence actually hindered some of our progress in life. Employers don't really know what to do with you if you have PR and you don't need sponsorship to work and yet you're not a citizen yet. Rohit has been stuck in a job he hates working with people he doesn't like because the opportunities he would prefer didn't seem to know the legalities that would come with hiring an immigrant who didn't need an H visa. Several times he was asked in interviews about his status and the interviewers didn't seem convinced he could work without them filing paperwork. That could be because there's not a large enough permanent resident presence here in our area, but it is what we observed.

At least he had a job though. I think he probably would have lost his mind living here for 4 years without one. He's made a couple of friends there - some I like and some I don't. It's also given him the financial backing he needed to not feel like a burden or a mooch.

I'll be posting next week about our journey to citizenship and what our lives are going to look like going forward but, for today I wanted to share all of our happiness with you. Enjoy!

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