Wednesday, September 20, 2017


It's been over three months since MIL and FIL went back to India and I am longing for them to come back already. Rohit and I talk a lot about their next trip here. FIL is planning on settling in America after he retires. He already has started looking into purchasing property here so he can.

It had been so long since I lived with them in India that I had forgotten just how nice it was to have family in the house. I guess that's one Christian bible scripture that rings true for this. Raise up a child in the way he should go .... To me that always said the way you teach a child when they are young is the way they will likely choose to live later on in life.

So growing up in a joint family and always having family close is one of the simple things in life that truly makes me happy. My Punjabi family brings their own special value to the family I have here. Together the two sets of families make a really nice blend. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love having all the importance I get from them all as well. Rohit gets a little jealous sometimes and that makes it even more exciting for me.

Being the only Bahu in the family right now, they look to me to make the decisions the eldest wife would be privy to make. Should FIL buy this item, who should BIL marry, etc. While they were here Rohit spent days looking for the best price on the latest iPhone here for FIL to purchase as a gift. When it came time to buy it FIL asked me for the final decision. I let him know his money could be better spent on something else. Rohit about pitched a fit as he felt all his hard work had gone to waste because then FIL refused to purchase an iPhone LOL.

We were able to bond quite a bit more now that they finally got to meet my family members face to face. They loved my parents, all the babies and getting to see just how diverse things can be here as well. I feel like my and Rohit's relationship elevated a bit now that our families officially met face to face rather than just saying hello over the internet.

Everyone misses my in-laws. All of the nervousness I felt before their visit truly turned out to be a waste of my energy. Things didn't go right back to normal after they left though. Our lives felt boring and somewhat empty with them gone. I felt a little incomplete. MIL wasn't up to greet me in the morning and say 'good morning' to me right before bedtime when she got her greetings mixed up. There was no reason to go out on an evening walk anymore as we had done with MIL either.

If things work out, I would love to have them come live with us after FIL retires in a couple of years. It's given me a goal to work toward.

Have you considered asking your in-laws to come live with you?


  1. Yes, I would LOVE to, but they have another son with his family living with them, and a daughter living nearby with her hb (she refused to live with her in laws), so it would be difficult for them to move overseas.
    I would not be able to live with them in India, though...

    1. There's always long visits. Those are great too. :)