Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We Hadn't Lost Our Touch

I know my last post was talking about the in-laws last few days but I just realized I didn't share some of the most important moments of my trip. I know these are the kinds of moments a lot of pardesi women like to read and hear about and I love sharing the stories with the community.

American and Indian MIL at Lotus Temple, VA

I don't get to talk to MIL as often as I would like. Rohit always calls them while I'm at work and by the time they wake up in the morning I'm already asleep. We do some communication over social media but it's just not the same. So I had some concerns that MIL and I would have lost our ability to communicate with a glance or that we wouldn't think of the same things at the same times as we had before.

Thank God I was wrong!

The telepathy was still there. Poor Rohit didn't stand a chance! MIL could look at me and nod her head and I knew what she was saying and thinking. A few times we even said the same thing at the same time. Her in Punjabi and me in English.

Picture it. Rohit was trying to create a bit of drama to get some attention as Indian men are known to do. He was having a non-threatening allergy attack which at the time we thought was due to him rubbing his eye right after chopping chili's. His eye was a bit swollen but we didn't feel like it was anything serious. I gave him a bag of frozen peas to put on his eye. He kept taking it off to talk and I'd fuss for him to put it back. After about the 10th time he had done that his mom and I both looked at him at the same time and told him he was hard-headed and stubborn. I thought we would both fall off the couch laughing when he exclaimed "Oh my Lord..." and then explained to us both what had just happened.

That was just one of many times we said the same thing at the same time or spoke without understanding each other verbally. It still amazes me we can do this as well as we do and manage to communicate.

We also got to spend some girl time together. I dyed her hair for her and she commented about how I massaged the color into her hair and spent so much time making sure to do a good job on it.

Rohit also tried to teach MIL a few phrases in English while they were here. Good morning and Good night were two of his favorites. Probably because MIL mixed them up and would tell me good morning at bedtime and he would laugh about it. It was really cute to be able to interact with the family in these small ways. I truly miss them.

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