Monday, June 12, 2017

Traveling with the In-Laws

After spending a month with us, MIL and FIL had accumulated more travel miles around the US than all of their lives in India! Their home-body types like I am and so they don't go many places. Add to that all the complications with traveling in India and I am sure they traveled a lot more here than they have in at least the last 10 years in India. We put over 4000 miles on my car, that's over 6500 KM.

They also did a substantial bit more walking while they were here lol. First thing we did was go out and by MIL some good walking shoes and her and I survived all the steps we took. Rohit and FIL didn't!

We went to all of the temples in the area. FIL appreciated that as he's not missed a single Tuesday at Temple in over 40 years. He felt honored that I made sure to keep up this tradition for him. Here's one of my favorite pictures from BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Glen Allen, VA.

India, Hindu, Temple, MIL, prayer

We visited local anomalies like the Veterans supporters who have been at our local war memorial gardens every single Friday without missing a single one in over 800 weeks. There's no protest going on. This is a group of supporters. If they see a veteran coming down the street they get excited and yell "it's one of ours!" MIL and FIL found this very interesting. There was also a traveling WW1 and WW2 museum at the site and we were all video recorded by the local news.

We also went to a nearby Safari Park. The laughs there were just fantastic. This was one of the best days we had the entire trip. Everyone loved it. Safari Park is a zoo you drive your own car through and you feed all the animals by hand. They have snakes, turtles, deer, bison, buffalo, zebra, giraffes and more. We spent a lot of time in the bird cages.

budgie, birds, zoo

One post is not nearly enough to cover all the traveling we did. Most of it was around the local area and nearby cities. You'll want to come back next week when I tell you how we lost FIL on one of our trips.

It really was a great experience to have them here and show them how different life can be. I can't imagine two things more far apart than the lifestyle in a bustling city of India compared to a small college town in the Virginia.


  1. Your people are shooting innocent people on Streets and you’re here. Americans are becoming more and more racists and xenophobic.
    Eg an Indian origin girl harrssed by black man on subway saying’get out of country’ & things like a@#, f&$k

    1. Interesting, similar things could be said about India. Innocent baby girls being murdered based on gender; young wives burned alive or killed because the husbands family doesn't value them; innocent women being raped and killed. Shadism is it's own monster in India. Indian on Indian crime in India is just as bad and offensive to me as the racism of other countries is to you.

  2. Wow! 4,000 miles?? That is incredible.

    On racism & xenophobia in India: I've heard way too many Indians refer to my Nepali friends as 'chinky' and dogeater. Clean up your own house.