Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Modernizing MIL and FIL

I can't stress enough how awesome my MIL is. Sometimes she even surprises me, like she did in today's post. It's moments like these that make me love her even more.

We decided to rest the day after MIL and FIL arrived as everyone was getting too tired. It was an ordinary day at home with family at first. Then it came time to cook. MIL was going to make something and Rohit got up to help. This isn't that unusual for his family as he had helped with small tasks while she was cooking before he met me. Mostly so he could eat first as he's always sneaking food LOL.

This time Rohit was doing some of the cooking too. MIL knew he cooked as I'd written here before that while I was in India he had helped me cook and she told me I needed to teach him to do more work. Clearly, my MIL is not the typical Indian MIL who spoils their sons beyond reason. But it gets better...much better.

Rohit was finishing up cooking and he started to do some dishes. MIL turned and told me that it was good he was doing this and then turned and told Rohit he needed to make his daddy do the dishes too because he didn't help around the house like that. I busted out in a fit of laughter. Little did I know it was too soon to laugh that hard just yet.

After eating, I went to shower and when I came back out Rohit informed me that MIL had made FIL come in and sweep the kitchen after she had gotten done cooking. First time in his life he had ever done that LOL.I was giggling so loudly over this Rohit couldn't believe it.

MIL was telling me about it and Rohit was translating the things I didn't understand and we were all giggling over this. As their stay went on MIL proceeded to make FIL sweep the floor a few more times. Of course, this never happened right in front of me. I'm sure that would have been too embarrassing for FIL but Rohit and I both sure got a lot of laughs out of her making him do it.

Rohit doesn't stand a chance now that I know his mom encourages men helping around the house. Is it any wonder I love her so much!

Leaving all the laughter aside though, this was the first time I've really felt like they were embracing my culture. I'm sure there's other things they've done that weren't their culture but this time I really was impacted by it in a good way. It really made me feel more like I was part of the family than anything else they had ever done. That was a really nice feeling.

Don't get me wrong. I knew I was part of the family before but this is such a different feeling. I don't feel nearly as much like an outsider in the group. I really felt like they had embraced all of me at that point.

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  1. Haha I love this! Great to hear others with a good relationship with their in laws. Tanya

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