Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How We Lost FIL on the D.C. Metro

Rohit insisted we visit D.C. and spend a lot of time there going to see everything we could. I HATE D.C with a passion and so I managed to talk him down to spending one day there, right before MIL and FIL had to fly back to India. In the end, we were all glad I did.

Don't get me wrong, the day ended up being pretty good in many ways but it was not without its flaws. Let me dramatize it for you so you feel all of the emotions we did lol.

Thursday we spent half the day packing suitcases. I made sure each bottle of nail polish, perfume and anything else breakable was protected in it's own ziploc bag with an air bubble around it as a cushion. I blew up each bag as I filled it. I stuffed small ziploc bags inside of shoes and bags of candy and clothes inside of purses. I carefully thought out how to make everything fit so their bags wouldn't be overweight. I completed this task victoriously and everyone was happy.

Friday morning we put the bags in the car and started on our way to D.C. I had my iPod ready to go so we didn't have to flip channels on the radio or listen to the budding artists of the D.C area on their local channels. Everyone was fed and we had packed food for the trip. Most of the trip was good and traffic wasn't bad. The hotel even let us check in early so we could put our bags in the room and didn't have to fear all those chocolates melting.

Then we drove to the local Metro station, paid for parking and walked to boarding station. We purchased our passes for the day and went down to wait on the train. I've taken the metro before and I knew you didn't have a lot of time to get into the doors once they opened. I told Rohit to explain this to his parents. We got to where our train was to be and the overhead sign said it would arrive in 6 minutes.

I told everyone to get ready and we walked half way down the platform because I was sure that was far enough as these trains are usually fairly long. We chatted a bit, took some photos and with 2 min left I urged everyone over to the edge of the platform so we would be closer as there were 4 of us to get into those doors. I was ready.....

......But not ready enough. 

The train pulled in and no part of it was in front of us. So I told everyone to hurry, hurry. We all started hustling and I got the train doors just as the overhead speaker was saying "stand back, doors closing." I thought it was okay because I was sure I was the first one in our little team to get there. Then I notice FIL had made it through the door. They closed and the train was gone in a flash.

Rohit freaked out. We talked for a second about what to do and then we all went up stairs to talk to the Metro worker in the booth. Rohit was sure his dad would get off at the same stop. After he was done talking to her, I told him me and MIL should go ahead and take the next train to the first stop and check. He wanted us to wait.

The Metro worker radioed ahead and the Metro worker at the next station went to search for FIL but she didn't find him. Rohit really got into a panic then and he started to cry a little. I told him me and MIL were going on to the next station and I would call him once we got there. He agreed and we went back down to the platform while he stayed at the Metro booth.

MIL and I took 15 minutes to get on the next train and then we were off. It's only a 4 minute ride to the next station thankfully. I had fears running through my mind of what would happen if we couldn't find FIL when we got there. MIL seemed strong and so I was going to be strong too. I knew deep down we had to find him. There were only so many places he could be before the same train would bring him back.

The train pulled into the next station and MIL and I readied ourselves at the door waiting for it to open. We got out and a few short seconds later FIL popped his head out from behind a barrier looking to see if we were on the train coming to get him. Thank God he had gotten off at the next stop.

I picked up my phone to call Rohit but before I could dial he was calling me and I let him know I had found FIL. The Metro worker at that station came up to us after the train pulled off and asked us if FIL was the one we were looking for. I explained yes and she told me how she had just searched but didn't think that was him based on Rohit's description.

Then she started to address FIL. I let her know he didn't speak any English but she kept on going. Then she started picking at MIL and trying to tell her FIL had been meeting another woman down there. I got the joke but MIL had no clue what she was saying and she just nodded and laughed. FIL understands English but didn't didn't seem to get the joke, nor was he upset.

After the worker left, I saw MIL wiping a tear from her eye. It was a very sweet moment. Her and FIL then talked about it and laughed and carried on about the incident until Rohit got to the station to join us.
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The rest of the day wasn't nearly as scary. We walked about 6 Miles (or 10 KM) around downtown Washington D.C. where we showed them the White house, the Washington Monument and several of the Smithsonian museums. Then when we got back to the hotel Rohit and I went shopping as our hotel happened to be in the middle of a very nice shopping area.

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