Monday, May 15, 2017

The In-Laws Came to Visit

Hubby and I have been prepping for his parents to come and stay with us for a month or so. I love them. I missed them but, I found myself nervous about this visit. They'd never left India and now they were going on an international flight with layovers and a world of new experiences.

I was also nervous about when they would get here. Rohit wants to take them to all of the major cities in the Eastern US and show them everything under the sun. I don't have that kind of stamina lol. I wasn't sure they would either. I can't imagine getting off of a 17 hour flight and actually wanting to drive 7 hours to go see one city for a day, turn around and drive another 13 to get your destination. Of course there would be stops along the way but that's just way too much traveling.

I was also concerned about my husband's behavior once they got here. He kept talking about all the things his mom was going to do for him. I know this is how Indian families are but it is such a stark contrast from American culture where you never would ask your guests to cook and clean. You're never really a guest when you're family but in my culture, we still wouldn't ask them to come in and do so much for us. I just don't want him to get too spoiled and I want him to let his mom rest and enjoy herself. 

I was nervous about entertaining them too. We opted for Cable for the better internet and the international channel choices aren't that good. I also didn't want to go out and buy a bunch of new electronics. We did however get lucky and we found a good sized Roku TV for a really good price. Of course, after they got here they told us not to waste the money on the Punjabi channel subscription.

I had a million thoughts running through my mind. We have cats in the house. Mummy ji is terrified of cats. Did I need labels in Punjabi on all my food and containers in the kitchen? What are they all going to do while I'm at work (because I can't take a month off at the time they're visiting)?What would they think of my family? How are we going to introduce them to each other? The list of anxious questions went on and on.

The day before they arrived I couldn't sleep. I had tried to prepare by staying up the night before so I would crash. It didn't work. I had a really hard time going to sleep and when I got there, it didn't last nearly long enough. Somehow I was awake, an hour and a half early! I couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried so I just gave up. I was a semi-unpleasant mixture of excitement and tension.

During the night hubby started getting messages that his parents hadn't called anyone when they landed at their layover destination. The whole family was worried sick and so was Rohit. I had to calm him down amidst my own inflated emotions. I just knew though that everything was going to be okay.

We left for the airport early and when we got there we found out the plan was arriving late. The time went fast but I kept checking the airline website to see when it was landing and when the plane hit the ground my excitement spiked. I couldn't sit in my chair anymore. I got up and went to stand at the doors they would come out of to wait. Hubby was still sitting (and he's the one with the anxiety problems LOL). Every time the doors opened I would peer through, desperate to see something.

Panic very nearly set in. I kept wondering if I would recognize them and would they recognize me. And what was this strange group of young Indian men doing inching closer to me as I stood there. A quick stare in their direction and they moved elsewhere. 

Then it started, the airline tags for their plane finally started showing up on the luggage people were pulling through the door. By this point I wanted to just push my way over to the doors and hold them open to see if I could find them in the crowd at customs. It was hard to contain myself.

Finally! Mummy ji came through the door first and Papa ji wasn't far behind her. My excitement turned into relief and happiness. Now the adventure was to begin.

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