Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No Happy Endings

I don't think Rohit had ever seen a horror movie in his life before he met me. When I asked him if he knew any Indian horror movies I could watch, the only one he could come up with was

That's not exactly a horror movie in my opinion lol. Still, I watched it and thought it was a good movie. Just look at the cover. There's no blood or gore, no horrific or terrifying or creepy faces. A quick Google search will show you that Indian horror movies are nowhere near as horrifying as American movies. When I searched I had to question if some of the movies that popped up were even really horror lol.

I LOVE horror movies. I grew up watching them. They don't scare me. I love the thrill and the excitement and the adrenaline that comes with watching them and being on the edge of your seat waiting for something to happen. I was an avid horror fan by the time I was 12. I watch the good ones, the bad ones, the B-rate horror.

Rohit doesn't love them as much as I do but he can't seem to tear himself away from watching them with me. He fusses (in a funny but semi-serious way) about not wanting to watch any more horror movies but let the weekend roll around and he's picking them out for us to watch.

Sometimes he hides his face. Sometimes so do I. I'm a terrible wife though. After he gets good and worked up, I prank him to watch him jump and scream because he thinks something from the movie has come to get him.

There is "no happy ending" he says. I get his point. 20 years ago when I was young we had a lot more happy endings. Movies have changed and that's no longer the norm unless you're watching something from the 'feel good' categories.

In the end everyone seems to die now days, even the main characters. If everyone doesn't die, the movie ends eluding to the bad guy being the winner. He's still there, still tormenting someone somehow. The movies have gotten more gory and disturbing as we've become desensitized as a culture here in the good old U.S. of A.

What's your favorite kind of movie? Does your spouse like the same genre?


  1. I do not like horror movies. It has to do with how Indian horror movies of the earlier era were constructed . They were more like romantic stories with suspense especially the theme of reincarnation or unfulfilled love. They were like Alfred Hitchcock movies, were the fear was more physiological and situational, most likely influenced by them. Most old horror movies are remembered not just for their horror but their fabulous music. There was the fantastic mixture of music and suspense which captivated the audience. I grew up watching these movies, and their implicit suspense was enough to give me chills at that age.

    Later on it became stereotypical and unimaginative. The staple scene of most bollywood movies was the “Lady in White Sari”, holding a candle and moving through an abandoned mansion/forest, singing. This is usually preceded by the sound of anklets. Dark rainy night, sound of anklets and music. We are fascinated with female ghosts for some reason may be because they are more mysterious. Later, it became a B and C Grade genre for skin show. A few successful horror movies have come out in recent times but they are more like hollywood rip offs, not the quintessential Indian horror movie.


  2. I love the silly horror movies like the low budget ones or the mutated animal movies where the killer spiders, ants, crocodiles, sharks and so on take over the world. I don't really like movies like Saw or Hostel though as it frustrates me that they don't fight back. I also don't really enjoy the old school horror movies but pretty much any other horror movie out there I've seen. Though I have never watched an Indian Horror Movie mostly because I find Bollywood acting too over the top even for a silly horror movie lover like myself. I think its mostly the south indian movies that exaggerate the acting like in the fight scenes they fly through the air when they're punching. Or the hero takes out 100 guys at once. My husband makes me watch these movies with him but I always laugh at these scenes as they are silly to me and he hates it. So now we don't watch Indian movies together anymore. Though my husband is also scared of some horror movies mostly the ghost ones as he hates the dark and what could be lurking in the shadows haha.
    Tanya - The White Punjabi Bride

    1. Punjabi movies are over the top like that too. The more of them I watch, the more I realize Hollywood does the same things but it's not as pronounced as they make it in Indian cinema. Hollywood has the tendancy to make you feel like whatever is happening could actually happen. Indian movies don't make that connection. I think they want it to remain unrealistic, which I can appreciate on some levels. I too wind up laughing a lot at them though. I just can't help it.