Tuesday, April 18, 2017

He's Indian!

I've you've never seen Goodness Gracious Me, you should spend time on YouTube watching the clips and videos. It's old but you won't be disappointed! Here's one for you.

God help anyone in my husband's path if he sees anyone brown or hears the word India. He's just like Sanjiv Bhaskar is in the video above. Everything is Indian. He can hear someone's name, like "Sophia" and be sure it's Indian. Everything originates from India. If it's not directly connected to India right now, it was at some point in the past. All life originated in India. Lol.

He watches the credits when movies are coming on looking for the Indian names. There is almost always a story to go with it. Which also reminds me of the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding as for him, everything was Greek.

For Rohit though. It's simply not enough to just notice the Indian name and point it out. He has to get overly excited and start telling me why this person is great or what accomplishment he knows about for the person. I get a 20 minute spiel about all things Indian whether I want it or not.

The debates can be quite interesting when this starts. Picture it. We're watching Dr. Strange and the scene comes up where he's transported to the top of Mt. Everest. Rohit gets all excited and exclaims "It's India, baby!" To which I giggle and reply, Mt. Everest is not in India. He argues back that it is (in a playful way) and I again let him know that it is definitely not in India.

He gets his phone and starts quietly searching Google thinking he's going to prove me wrong. I'm watching him out of the corner of my eye. Then I see him try to put his phone away before I see it and I just burst out laughing. 'So baby, where is Mt. Everest?' He didn't want to answer. After a few minutes he conceded and we both had a good laugh out of it.

Uncle Ji is the same way. When I first met him he was telling me all about haldi (turmeric) and how it's the reason Indians are brown and all about it's healing properties.

I've begun to counter everything Indian with uniquely American things and then we both laugh. Rohit doesn't always believe me when I assert something is American. Heaven forbid it wasn't invented in India lol.

Does your spouse do this with their home country?


  1. All indin husbands do it, they get excited with everything connected to their home town:)