Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why I Support Trumps Executive Order on Interior Immigration Enforcement

If you haven't read the order, then you should not be forming opinions. Here is the full text of the order:

I have a criminal justice degree and that provides me a much better understanding of our laws, how our legal system works and what really goes on in this country. It's also provided me the ability to better understand the text of legal documents. So being the wife of an immigrant and having this knowledge I knew I needed to read this executive order.

Disclaimer: I did not vote for Trump. I have yet to decide how I feel about his presidency but, I am 100% sure I'm thankful Hillary didn't get elected. She would have been the worst possible thing for this country and she's proven it time and time again.

So while I didn't vote for Trump. I actually think this country needs an asshole for a president right now. Far too long we've had pansies who were bought out by all the wrong people letting shit go and not respecting the laws that the people of this country wanted enforced. It just remains to be seen if Trump actually is the right asshole for the job.

Now that all that's out of the way, let's get back to the topic. In this order Trump is calling for us to enforce current immigration laws. Meaning, he didn't make any new laws. He just said we need to stop dismissing the laws already in place and to actually take them seriously. He calls for the decision making entities who grant government benefits and who enforce the laws at the border to stop looking the other way and giving people things they're not entitled to.

I have lived in states that I know for a fact pay out benefits (such as medical and food money) to illegal immigrants. Those are benefits they are strictly barred from receiving but they are getting them. Because there's always a loophole or someone feels bad for them and is trying to be nice. While I'm all for being nice, this is is direct violation of the laws and it directly affects every hard-working legal American. If you're naive enough to think that benefit fraud isn't occurring, you probably should check out the following news articles:

Dept. of Justice:  Two Retailers Plead Guilty to Federal Charges of Food Stamp Fraud
The Telegraph: Jihadists funded by welfare benefits, senior police officer warns 

So not only are criminal immigrants terrorizing this country, but they are doing it with our money. Would you pay someone and feed them and clothe them just so they could make the last few moments of your life and the lives of your friends the most terrifying moments ever? I wouldn't. But that is what we ARE doing and Trump's order is designed to stop that. (The majority of American's don't know that there are multiple terrorist attacks on Americans each year as it is.)

The accusations of green-card holding immigrants being stopped at airports and not allowed entry into the US are skewed, as the news usually is. On Youtube they would call that "click-bait." Somehow when it's a news agency people seem to give this same click-bait too much importance and just believe it as it stands. They don't look any further even when they know they can't trust the news agencies. If you're not breaking any of the rules of your green card and you haven't engaged in criminal activity, you should not have a problem.

Rohit and I painstakingly went over every single request that has ever been made to us from USCIS and the Dept. of Homeland Security to ensure we were giving this immigration process 100% and not violating a single law of any kind. We heeded every rule and request and we still do in regards to his immigrant status. We see people around us violating these rules and laws and getting away with it and not being penalized and it angers us both.

I know how the food stamp fraud works and I know people who have been investigated for it. Immigrants using food stamp benefits to get money from a local illegal-immigrant owned store. They are essentially robbing both me and my husband. He pays his taxes. He works for everything he has. So yes it PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF to know that some low-life, shitty immigrant is stealing from us by committing this fraud. This is one reason why we interact very little with the immigrant community here. We absolutely refuse to support anyone who is engaging in this kind of activity. Not financially. Not emotionally. Not socially. We don't even speak in passing or waive like a good southerner would.

I remember very well when my husband first got here, a few of the immigrants he met tried to encourage him to get on food stamps and live off of the government. They were trying to teach him to get benefits he didn't qualify for and at least one of them encouraged him to live separate from me so he could do it because I made too much money. So this jackass was so intent on getting free money from the US government he felt it was better to break up a family than to go without it.

This is a common problem America has with it's immigration. Too many people think they're coming over here and will be living free off the backs of US taxpayers. This doesn't have any class boundaries. The illegal immigrants coming over here are shady as hell. They misreport their earnings for the stores they own to avoid paying business taxes. They work and pay their workers under the table to avoid having to get insurance or to pay payroll taxes. All in the name of putting more money in their own pockets. They don't love America. They love how easy it is to rip off hard-working Americans by cheating our legal system.

These people don't belong in my country! So yes, I whole-heartedly support Trumps' executive order and I will do my part to help enforcing agencies at every turn. I will use my criminal justice knowledge and private investigation skills to continue to lead them in the right direction whenever I encounter some scum of the earth criminal, whether immigrant or not and I'm not sorry for feeling this way.

What are your thoughts on Trump's executive order?
Immigrants: How does it make you feel as a legal immigrant to know some asshole is out there stealing from you and your family?
Citizens: How does it make you feel to know you did everything legally and right only to have someone else cheat the system?

I look forward to hearing your comments. Even if you don't agree. I just won't publish you if you can't disagree respectfully. I haven't personally attacked you so you better not think you can come onto my blog and personally attack me. 

Fraud Magazine: The Fraud-Terror Link


  1. I am a Citizen but I was an immigrant once, like Rohit. I got my Green Card through employer sponsorship and filed for Citizenship on my own based on employment though my wife is American by birth and I could have short-circuited the process by a few years had I filed on grounds of being married to her. Never taken a dime from the government ever. Fraud is fraud and I do not see how that could be defended by anyone. We should have a points-based system for immigration that rewards education, skills and short people who would pay into the system instead of mooching off of it.

    That said, it is not just immigrants, illegal or otherwise, who commit welfare fraud. My wife's cousin has been on "disability" ever since she got into a car accident in which she suffered a "debilitating" back injury. Not debilitating enough for aerobics, pilates and other strenuous activities though. The beauty of it all is that she is married to a police officer. Trump cheerleaders, both of them. I have no doubt they rave and rant about illegal immigrants committing fraud without a tinge of irony.

    It is suckers like you and me that end up footing the bill.

    1. You're absolutely right. I get just as angry over Americans committing fraud and I report them too. I'm tired of paying their way. I have rights too. I should be free to choose whether or not I pay their bills shouldn't I? I do what I can to stop people I know are doing these things. I sincerely hope Trump continues to take action against the scum of the earth who's chosen to walk all over our legal system and take advantage of our benefits for their own personal gain.

  2. I think Trump is doing the right thing as you said, enforcing the existing laws. Not just America other countries too have the same illegal immigrant problems. In Europe we can see what is happening. In India, many successive political establishments have cultivated these people as “vote banks” for elections. Corruption is also responsible for it. At many places the immigrants outnumber the locals and have completely changed the demography of the area. These places have threats for national security. Poor people move from one place to another in search of good life, which is but natural, but lots of unwanted elements also move in. Any action against them is construed as an attack on the secular fabric of the country. But that does not take away from the fact that if you have to keep your country safe, certain things may have to be done for some time. What is practiced is neither liberalism/secularism but blatant electoral appeasement at the cost of country. I thought that it is case only in India, ofcourse we always had the raw material for such politics give our social fissures, but now I think it happens in the western countries also.


    1. Yes. I remember all to well - and I wrote blog posts about - my trips and travels to maintain a legal status inside of India. We didn't pay bribes of any sort which is a feat I'm quite proud of given how easy it is to find a corrupt official in India. We took as many trips as we had to on the train. We filled out forms. We waited in long lines. It wasn't easy but I could sleep peacefully at night knowing I was doing the right thing.

      Every day in my personal life I did the best I could to follow the laws and the social/moral guidelines of my area. I remember blogging about how tough that was and the times I chose to be rebellious by wearing such things as spaghetti strap tank tops outside. I did nothing illegal but I wasn't a saint.

      When immigrants come to America they tend to start acting like they can take over. As if their way needs to be adopted by America. I think we perpetuate those feelings because we're very tolerant here and we welcome immigrants. We've become too tolerant and welcoming. It's no longer in our best interest and we've become to lazy with adhering to our own rules. The whole country is going to hell basically. I could go on, but this is only supposed to be a comment, not a full book!

  3. Our family has been on valid visa for the last 13 years waiting in the green card queue. We are very very scared :

    1. I am sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately the media is creating fear with their mis-reporting and their embellishments. The news stories coming out for events that happened under Obama that they are now perpetuating as happening after this order. It's sickening.

      Obama enacted strikingly similar orders in 2011. They can be found for free online in the federal archives and are public information. Nothing happened to you then. Nothing bad happened to any of us. Don't let the current state of stupidity among the violent protestors and the media reports keep you in fear. This is the governments way of controlling you. It's deplorable.

      Here's the order from Obama. But you can also google "2011 executive orders" Obama and click the link to see all the orders he listed banning other countries and stopping immigration and trade between them.

  4. For what it's worth I'm more concerned as to the what & why ISIS & Al Qaeda are using American made weapons. Who's paying for that?

    As far Illegal benefits & fraud are concerned I'm curious as to why we aren't banning immigrants from Mexico? In my native California 40% of the births in California hospitals are to illegal aliens from Mexico having their 'anchor baby.'

    Why isn't the US banning immigrants from Saudi Arabia? We know Saudis have been involved in several terrorist acts on US soil.

    Anywho, I am married to a Muslim from a 'volatile' area (Kashmir) so I am a little concerned about all the Islamophobia being perpetuated in the US. I do wish the US would take responsibility for all the crap they've pulled over the years in Muslim countries such as installing dictators (Saddam Hussein), supporting terrorist groups (the US pretty much started Al Qaeda in a misguided effort to kick Russia out of Afghanistan), and toppling democratically elected gov'ts (The overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom under the name "Operation Boot") and the United States under the name TPAJAX Project, or "Operation Ajax"). We've done a lot of stupid, selfish things in the Middle East simply to protect our own corporate interests with no regards to the peoples living there. Islam is not the problem, our continuing horrible foreign policy decisions brought about the horrors we are seeing today.