Thursday, January 5, 2017

Our Local IndoPak Store....An Update

I wrote a while back about a local IndoPak grocer, you can find the post from April 2016 here. I feel it is time for a much needed update. I know at least one of my readers, the one who told me about the store, would be interested in hearing what happened. For everyone else, this post would serve as informative so you know what to watch for.

The IndoPak store was shut down not too long ago which came as no surprise to me. I knew the guy was shady, we knew he was dealing drugs out of another store he had owned previously. (Not currently dealing there, but he had been known to do so at the time of his ownership.) In the post I wrote back in April, I told you the things I saw.

The lights are now off, permanently I hope, but the products are still inside. There are signs up on the window which I avoided getting close enough to read. But I know from experience, people don't continue to pay the high rent he's paying for a store that is no longer open. They move their goods and save the money.

As it turns out, he had the store there for 3 years without any running water, no bathroom, no sink, no toilet. Yet, he was cutting and selling so-called fresh meat in there. He also had vegetables and he'd even started selling home-made goods. Some things they packaged themselves. I don't ever recall seeing any hand sanitizer in there so I'm utterly disgusted!

I warned Rohit many times not to purchase things at that store and most of the time he listened to me but then other times he would go there because they're cheaper than the Halal Market downtown. He learned his lesson lol. Wife is right!

The Halal Market was bought out by one of our friends and he changed the name to Taste of India. He overhauled the whole store and turned it from making $200 a day if they were lucky to making over $1000 a day. What did he do? He threw out the expired merchandise and started taking notice of customer requests.

That's how business works in small-town America. You don't have enough customer base to keep selling trash or expired goods. We notice. We boycott. You lose. Word travels quickly and the whole community will oust you, regardless of your nationality. No one supports you unless you play by the rules. 


  1. I wish we do that in India also.

  2. I pointed that out to my husband once.
    I asked him how these businesses in India who continually cheat people by selling shoddy unhygienic products and crappy services stay in business? If they tried doing business like that in the US no one would ever do business them again. My husband just looked at me completely puzzled.

    1. Lol. Because in India there's enough people around that if one customer leaves to buy better products elsewhere, another customer will come in not knowing the goods are crap. This is one of the things I like about small town living.

    2. I think you miss the point that many a times poor people do not have access to good quality products due to affordability. They do not have a choice. Most People absolutely know what they are buying, but they have to manage with it.

      Second is the availability of good shops in rural/semi rural areas. Small towns/ cities and sometimes in nooks and corners of big cities this is a problem. They survive because they are cheap and they are the only one available.

      There is pulses and grains market in Delhi, which we came to know courtesy a news channel, that sells pulses and grains at cheaper rates. It is substandard, not fit for consumption, but poor people buy them because the price of pulses is astronomical in the market.

      So, I think both affordability and lack of availability work in tandem.