Friday, June 3, 2016

Our World is Not A Great Place Sometimes

There are some TV shows I just shouldn't watch because my blood pressure spikes and I get really angry. One such TV show is "Border Security."

I have a criminal justice degree. I also have extensive history with the courts, both state and federal, in multiple states. So believe me when I say that we live in a very screwed up world.

So I'm sitting here watching Border Security and a little old Cantonese lady has just been put into a shit storm for having about 3 days worth of food in her packed luggage. Really? Are you fucking kidding me? Heaven forbid someone want to take their native food, in unopened packages, with them when they go visit relatives or another country.

How serious should this 'crime' really be? It's absurd! I get the premise that they don't want someone to illegally import goods to be sold into a country (so they can avoid paying taxes or duties) but at what point would that amount of food be considered enough to make a living on? It was noodles for goodness sakes!

Another woman, who was returning to her home country, had writing pens confiscated because they were made of wood. They again were new in the package and it was about 10 of them, all in different colors. Don't countries have anything better to do than single people out for things like this?

Yay for freedom. We're so free we can't eat our own food or gift fancy pens to friends and family after our vacation.

Both of these women had their items confiscated and hey were fined. Yet another way countries rip people off.

This is just as bad as India confiscating 'pickles' from little old ladies and ransacking luggage. Heaven forbid you let the pickles out of India!

Don't we have anything better to do with our nations tax dollars?

You can find Border Patrol the TV series for America, Australia and New Zealand for sure. I'm sure there's other countries that have it but I haven't yet found them on Netflix and now I don't think I want to. I need happy shows. Screw this.


  1. We have two crime shows on Indian TV "Savdaan India" on LifeOk channel and "Crime Petrol Dastak" on Sony TV. Both the shows are solid crime shows based on serious investigations. We are yet to see sensational kind of crime shows. I have seen that America does have some pretty sensational kind of crime shows with suspects being chased by police in helicopters with frantic music in the background. We don't associate such liveliness with our police I guess. We are happy if only they get the basic things right.


    1. Lol. Just think of the bribes they could extort if they did break out the helicopter to chase an underage kid on a motorcycle though. :P

  2. Well, I can understand some of it. Like not allowing the import of meat products from countries where anthrax is endemic or plants products from a country where serious ag pests (like Mediterranean fruit fly) are a threat to agriculture. I mean a pest like that could threaten entire industries.

    Transporting any sort of fruit, veg, or meat across international borders is a risky business & I wouldn't advise it. I watched US Customs & Border Protection ransack the luggage of a large Philipino group in San Francisco International airport when they found one of them carrying some sort of smoked meat that was banned. Usually they take you to another room to search your luggage but they had this groups' luggage contents strewn all over near the visa checkpoint. Once you get caught by the US Customs & Border Protection carrying anything illegal you get put on a list and EVERY SINGLE TIME you enter the US you will have all your belongings searched THOROUGHLY, intimately and repeatedly. As in you may be in Immigration for 3-4 hours if you are lucky.

    Australia's probably the most stringent about importing animal or plant products that might pose environmental problems.

    A few years back they arrested an aunty in India for having sex toys in her luggage-
    50-yr-old NRI woman caught with sex toys at Mumbai airport

    I've been amazed at how many times I've been through security in IGIA in Delhi & they've caught Indians trying to board a plane carrying live ammunition (as in bullets). WTH is going on?

    1. I get the concept behind it. But, you and I both know that those same goods are 'imported' for sale by tax/import duty paying people and there's no issue with it. The first little old lady I mentioned had mostly pre-cooked noodles. Nothing she couldn't get in the new host country, it just seemed a bit unnecessary to fine her $220 for noodles.

      Now chicken in a thin plastic bag that came from some street vendor, that I can understand. I'm not sure why anyone would want to pack that anyway but they did.

      I remember the sex toy incident. I found it absurd too. Let's drag a woman through the mud for owning something taboo. I saw sex toys for sale in HyperCity in Amritsar. They were fairly discreet but a picture on the box of a mini vibrator on a man's finger in the woman's product section certainly wasn't mistakable. It was a very small vibrator. My husband couldn't believe it LOL.

      Carrying bullets is weird, especially since everyone should know that's a sure-fire way to be searched. I know it doesn't feel safe traveling anymore but gun-toting isn't the smartest way to protect yourself.