Thursday, January 21, 2016

Seeking Direction

Work has encouraged me that I have a lot of good ideas. At work I've been able to implement quite a few of my ideas at work and I feel like things there are going well.

In my home life I also feel like I've been able to implement quite a few of my ideas and I think they're working. Of course I'm biased and I also know what I planned for those things to do so who knows if I'm right or manifesting the reality of what I want them to be. I'm happy with it though and I suppose that's all that matters.

However, all of these ideas become a jumbled mess in my head. Sometimes they overwhelm me. In addition to having all of these ideas, I also think very deeply. So I tend to overthink a lot of the ideas and whether or not they will work. I think of various scenario's of ways they could work out and often times that discourages me.

Additionally these ideas tend to overwhelm me. I often have so many ideas I don't know where to begin. Either that or I begin more than one idea and I wind up amassing more than I can take on. One main area this happens in is books and research. I'm a massive fan of old books and documentaries and accounts of life from long ago. So it really only takes one book or documentary to spawn 10 more ideas of things I want to learn about.

This wouldn't be an issue if wasn't trying to down-size my life. My local library doesn't have all these things and I find it less than satisfying to read on my tablet/e-reader. I can't go around buying hundreds of books on all these topics - and believe me, I would! I want to learn about so much right now. I've downloaded every podcast I can find and video I can accumulate. I've subscribed to many websites and Facebook pages. Thus again, I've let all these ideas overwhelm me to the point I don't know where to begin so I do nothing. Lol. It's a curse.

How about you? Do you have trouble narrowing down your hobby to do list?


  1. My friend, you are not alone! I'm also like this on books. As soon as I finish one, I have other two I found in references or just feel like I have to read all the other books from this writer... It's an endless to do list and I'm pretty sure this behavior increases our stress level! To solve the space issue, I trade my books after read and I have no problems to read them on ereader, in fact I prefer because I can read at night and don't disturb. Buuuuut if the book is excellent I feel like I have to buy the paper version and keep it. Isn't it crazy? :)

    1. It's not crazy! I too buy the paper version after previewing on an ereader if it's a really good book or one I know I want to reference later. I am kind of thankful we have libraries here where I can borrow books if I don't want to purchase them but also unfortunate that they don't carry and keep a lot of the books I would want to read. Such a dilemma! And yes, this does add stress lol. It's just as bad as when you're binge watching a TV show and run out of episodes. Ah! Life.