Sunday, November 1, 2015

Down But Not Out

So, I've not been here to blog since July. I've typed up a few posts on my tablet and saved them in drafts but I have nothing ready to post. I'm not done blogging. I miss it. I just don't have the time and ability to blog right now. I plan to be back in the near future but in the mean time wanted to post an update on life.

Early in the year I made one of my goals to become completely self-sustaining without anyone else's help/input/etc. and to lower my bills to a point that I could be. I had to do this because the reject that I married the first time around doesn't bother to pay his child support and my current husband insists that I have all the money and he does not - despite the fact our paychecks are almost the same! (Mine being slightly higher.)

I've made great strides towards that and have successfully lowered my bills by $800+ a month while still keeping all the things I love and actually want. I've been much happier this year than in the past. I think I've just come to a point in my life where I'm finally ready to 'settle down' and set my life up the way I want it. I've probably been getting to that point for quite some time but now I've made up my mind and thus I'm stuck on that path with no desire to get off.

I also got promoted and my second pay raise in a year. That is really good. It makes my decision to make a lateral job move a little over a year ago feel so much more worthwhile. I love the new job I have and I love the people I work with. It's been a great experience for me altogether.

After losing 3 computers this year I decided not to purchase a new one. I've always been a huge Sony fan but the last 2 Vaio's I had were crap and didn't last long and gave me nothing but trouble. Trouble = stress. Hubby bludgeoned his laptop with a screwdriver trying to pop a key off that was sticking. The first week was rough but after I realized how much else I had to do that made me happier, I decided I wasn't going to get another laptop. I still don't want one.

We're moving again. We lived in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the county and yet it in no way deserved to be. We found a very large marijuana field behind the playground - much to the delight of the officer we reported it to because it was one of the biggest in our county yet found. After that, we witnessed drugs being dealt in the parking lot in the middle of the night. A meth lab was raided down the street (about 2 miles away). I got sick of it all. That was when I found out that in order to fill all the new buildings they added to the complex, they started skipping out on the criminal background checks. So we don't know who was living there. This did not make me happy at the least. If I wanted to live in the slums, I wouldn't be pay $1000 a month for it. (That's really high for this area- average rent here is approx. $700 for the same size place.)

Hubby leaves soon to go home for his first visit in 3 years. I'll update more on that after his trip. I don't like to post about these things for safety reasons.

I'm torn between purchasing a house and renovating or purchasing land and building my own tiny house. Yep, you guessed it. I'm one of those people and damn proud of it. I don't care what anyone thinks. I am done spending hours/years of my life cleaning up items and rooms that I don't enjoy. I have gotten rid of so much stuff during this last year that everything we own fits in a 12x10 storage unit with room to spare. I'm sure I could get rid of more of that. I'm happier with less junk in my life.

I'm down-grading. I'm to that point in my life. I don't need tons of space and more bedrooms. I don't want material things. They don't make me happy. It feels good to continue to purge.

Eh, this is getting too long and since I'm at someone else's desk it's not ergonomically friendly. The stretch on my wrists is becoming uncomfortable. I'll be back with lots to post and pics and updates and more sometime in the near future.

Love and Kisses !!


  1. Welcome back! I did two years with just a tablet and was completely fine with it, I used it for about 95% of all my computer needs. Downgrading is good, it makes you realise what are the things that are important and make you feel happy in life.

  2. Yes! And it's so much less work to maintain happiness when you're not constantly having to clean up after all that stuff or compete with distractions for peace.

  3. Glad you're back!
    Happy you're doing so well.
    "Prestigious" neighborhoods are strange places. I found that out when a SWAT team raided the house across the street from me in California- the owners were part of a prostitution ring. (That neighborhood was all $1 to $1.5 million houses.) Then in that same neighborhood about 5 blocks away from me an "estranged" husband broke into his former in laws's house killed everyone inside with an AK 47 before fatally shooting himself in the head on their front porch. Glad I sold that house.
    Less crap = more time spent on worthwhile endeavors.

    1. Yes! We had a similar neighborhood about a mile away and they busted a major meth lab there about 6 months ago. That's just not the kind of people I want to be paying that much money to live around.

  4. I'm so glad to read from you, always enjoyed reading your blog. looking fowards to your new posts.
    sounds like you had a lot going through alot of changes. thats insane, with all the drugs.
    yeah, decluttering, i should follow your example and be on it.

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a hard job to clean out your life and take charge. It takes a lot of time and effort.