Saturday, April 4, 2015

My MIL is More American Than My Husband

Sweet moments are what make life the most exciting. I had to share this because of the simple beauty it exhibits and the strength of the relationship I have with my MIL that it highlights.

Easter is approaching and hubby and I had an office celebration to go to today. While we were getting ready, MIL called. This is the conversation I overheard (translated of course):

Hubby: Mummy, I'm getting dressed to go to a celebration at Kristy's office.
Mummy: Is it for Easter?
Hubby: How did you know?
Mummy: I made eggs to celebrate. I know it's Easter.
Hubby: I didn't even know, you're more American than I am.
Mummy: Why shouldn't I be, I have an American daughter-in-law.

Lol. This is why I favor my MIL so heavily. She's funny and cute. She remembers me, my culture and my family as much as I remember her and her family. 

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