Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Am Not an "Easy Target"

One positive thing that came out of me being a victim is the propensity for me to sit and wait. To just watch and see how things go before making a move. Patience is a virtue I learned to embrace.

I won't say I've never gotten heated and reacted too quickly but there are far more times I just sit back and watch and listen. Most of the time I choose the quiet path out of heated situations. I don't want to be involved. I'm not interested. I have enough battles of my own to fight and I have no interest in getting into anyone elses' problems. 

Other people don't always perceive that I'm withdrawing from the situation. Some people seem to think my lack of jumping in and bitching and fighting along with them means I must be an easy target. I've encountered a few people who mistook my silence for their opportunity to attack me further. My thoughts are what does that really say about them? Nothing good.

For those of you who missed my Facebook post, my ex is currently sitting in a jail cell awaiting transfer back to the military for a full court martial.He's trying to garner sympathy by running around saying he thought the military was only going to fine him for breaking confinement.

Despite the struggles I deal with sometimes, I am not an easy target. I am not a pawn to be targeted, used, blamed, etc. I'm not a scapegoat. I can and will continue to take action against people making fake accounts in my name, pretending to be me, etc. and I know how to prevail.

Another thing I learned is that the truth always comes out. If you remain fervent and honest, despite who does and does not believe you, the truth will reveal itself with little to no effort. With this situation with my ex, that took 8 years. I diligently kept filing complaints, kept doing the things I knew I had to do and most of all, I kept living my life and moving forward.

I have a lot of good things going on in my life despite the lies, the identity fraud, the attacks, etc. I just feel sorry for the people who continue to mistake me as an easy target. Their lives must be beyond pitiful.

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