Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Long Overdue Update

A lot has been going on around here and I've barely been online for quite some time. Finally I'm finding a few moments here and there to catch up with life and I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging in the near future.

For starters, I won the federal court case I had going on just a few weeks ago. It's not yet finalized but I've finally got a resolution and legal paperwork against the nightmare that never seemed to end. I'm very happy to say that working with the Secret Service, FBI, NCIS and local law enforcement was quite an experience, one I found very favorable. Regardless of the bum rap law enforcement get sometimes, I have to say that they really do a good job when you're willing to work with them.

Now that that chapter of my life is finally over, I can let my guard down a bit and I intend to write about some deep, somewhat disturbing topics that women married to foreigners could face. While my case was extreme, I sincerely hope someone out there can learn from my mistakes and won't have to deal with the headaches I have. Stay tuned for more on that topic!

Next, things are going very well at my jobs. I'm soon going to quit the second job as I have almost completely paid off the $30,000 debt I incurred fighting the aforementioned court case. Yes, I know that is a very small amount considering but to have paid off that much completely on my own in less than 2 years is phenomenal to me. Thus, I can continue to remain happy not having an unfortunate amount of debt looming over my head.

In the 8 months I've worked at my primary job, I've managed to be given additional responsibilities, gotten a raise, and I'm currently completing some additional certifications/designations that will enable me to keep climbing quickly.

I've decided to open up more and be a bit less anonymous in my online life. I don't need to be any longer. (This  court case thing really makes a massive difference in my life all around!) I will be soon posting my real pictures on this blog and I'm going to resume using my real name here. I'm going to keep Intercultural relationships as my main focus however, I will be adding quite a bit more on my struggle with domestic violence and terrorism. My sole purpose on this blog is to empower other women to face the good and bad in life and strive to make their lives worth living. There may be topics coming up in the future that some will find difficult to read because of this.

For those of you who have continued to stick by me while I was unable to come here and post. I appreciate your continued support. I intend to make changes to the blog as well. I'm not sure when as this isn't high priority but I will be removing my blog reading list from the main pages. If you want to continue to get traffic from my blog, please join the Google+ blog community linked at the top right of the page. This is going to be my main outlet for promoting other blogs.

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