Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 5 - The Throat Chakra

I Speak - I Express

The Throat Chakra - Vishudda

What better Chakra to explore on my blog than this one since a blog is a great form of self-expression!This chakra is all about speaking, communicating and expressing yourself. This week your focus is on finding your voice.

Balancing this chakra promotes healing, which isn't surprising since it's located in the same spot as your thyroid gland. By healing this area and your thyroid you can achieve some really good health results throughout your whole body.

This weeks challenges:
  1. Eat more blue (non-artificially dyed) foods:
    • blueberries
    • blue cheese
    • blue crab
    • blue corn
    • blue corn popped into popcorn
    • organic blue corn chips 
    • elderberries (bluish purple)
  2. Wear blue
  3. Think for 5 minutes every morning about how you determine the difference between right and wrong. Does your religion, culture or social morals decide right from wrong? How has that changed since you got involved in an intercultural relationship?
  4. Write down one thing you said in the past that you truly wish you could take back. 
  5. What behaviors and/or circumstances keep you dependent upon others? What can you do/change so that you can break that dependency from the person who brings negative energy into your life?
  6. Write a small speech, blog post or monologue on a topic you're passionate about. Post it on your own blog or send it to me and I'll post it (anonymously if you choose).
  7. Listen to Thyroid Binaural Beats.
Comment below which challenges you intend to participate in. Then come back at the end of the week and let me know how you feel. What did you learn about yourself.

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