Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happiness and Security Go Hand in Hand

At least for me. I've rather enjoyed taking the chakra challenge this week.I felt happier and more at peace today than usual. That despite having worked 6 days in a row. Here's a few of the things I learned about myself:

I feel secure when I
  • do a good job at work
  • have done something nice for my husband or other family member 
  • take care of daily tasks like paying bills or straightening the cabinets
  • get enough sleep
  • am with my friends

I'm looking forward to one more day in this week and then starting my next challenge on Monday. I didn't get as many red foods this week as I would have liked to have but, it's bone-chilling cold and there's just not a wide variety of red winter veggies around. Still, I think I did quite well.

I found myself looking forward to the meditation each day and I rather enjoyed the realizations I made as part of this challenge.

How did things work out for you this past week?

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