Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Google+ Community for Bloggers in this Niche!

Google+ Community for intercultural couples

Last night I decided to start a new community on Google+ for Bloggers who are in a desi & pardesi intercultural relationship. You don't have to blog about your relationship to be a member but I thought we all needed a place just to share our blog post with each other and reap the benefits of being on Google+ without getting lost in the average profile shuffle.

If you're a non-desi blogger who is married to a desi or a desi blogger who is married to a non-desi, come on over and join! If you're not yet in the Facebook communities, please also post a comment here letting me know your blog link so I can approve you to join.

Once you're in, share your posts or posts you think will be of interest to the group.

Click the badge above to go to the group. From this point forward, you can also find the badge in my blog sidebar as well. 

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