Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yes, You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, no I'm not referring to my husband as a dog. The title comes from a common Southern American saying (you can't teach an old dog new tricks). The saying is meant to portray the difficulties in learning new things after you've been doing something the same way for so long.

As I've posted many times, I am the evil white woman your mother warned you about. I corrupted my Indian family in many ways and we all grew together. That corruption didn't stop when I brought my husband here to the U.S.

We've been through a lot in the last 18 months since he got here. We went from him being a completely spoiled, Punjabi boy who had never had to do anything for himself unless he wanted, to being a fairly well-functioning co-spouse. (BTW, I'm making up this co-spouse thing. Among divorced parents they say you co-parent and since hubby is not a child, I'm using it as verbage for how to explain that he is now much more like a marriage partner than he was when he first got here.)

Somewhat defiantly, he's learned to cook, clean and help manage day to day life around the house. Here we don't have servants, maids, cooks, people who iron, tailor's etc. that we use on a daily basis. We do it all for ourselves and thus came the biggest shock to my husband when he got here. He didn't get a job fast enough, he didn't get his license fast enough, he had paperwork issues due to the "FNU" on his green card, along with other logistical issues. So, he had to learn to cook and do something with his time.

Now I think he likes cooking and soon it's all going to go to his head lol. He has corrupted some pretty serious omnivorous Americans into liking *gasp* vegan Indian dishes. He's gotten veggie-hating kids to beg for spinach and pea dishes. He's gotten other Indians to beg him to cook more. (Begging in that social/friendly way and not in the way you would see actual begging of course.)

Just now he got a message from an elder Indian friend. Just last week hubby cooked chicken curry for a gathering. We made quite a bit but not nearly enough. His was the first batch of chicken gone out of several. I was privy to one Indian telling another to make sure he got some of the chicken curry before it was gone because it was so good. (Hubby was nowhere near the table at this point.)

So guess what this Indian friend requested...... That my husband get together with them and make 10lbs (roughly 5KG) of chicken into a batch of chicken curry. They're going to buy him all the ingredients and a massive pot to make it in. I think that's a massive compliment. Hubby sure is beaming.

It would seem a lot little bit of corruption goes a long way.

---Proud APPI signing out.


  1. I think the not doing type Indian is fast getting extinct. These days young people are moving out, for studies or employment. Delhi is full of people from other States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. There is a colony in Delhi full of students who aspire to crack the IAS (Indian Civil Services). There is lot of hustle and bustle in these colonies. There are lots and lots of these migrants and they are living on their own, even the girls. However, security for girls is still a big issue. Some youths get so enamored by this freedom that they don't want to come back and integrate with their families. They wash their own clothes, cook, clean and pretty much do everything. But India being India, you may get some sort of household help. The bottom line is everything is readily available. You won't feel lonely.

    This is an interesting experience of an Indian living in a suburb of America

  2. There is a career opportunity in the making here! He should take his cooking even more seriously and start catering as much as he can.

  3. Exactly that is what I was thinking about. You snatched the words right out of mouth. If he has a flair for cooking, then he might as well pursue it. Who knows he might even open a restaurant.

  4. @AAPI

    Happy Navratras to you and family. May goddess Durga bless you with strength and prosperity.

    Today is the first day of Navratras. On this auspicious day, India's Mars probe MOM has reached Mars. Its cost is $70 million which is the cheapest. I think this is a good example of "Stingy Indian".

  5. Dang girl, where's the recipe! Had to laugh at the description of hubs. I always used to say I could never marry a desi man as they are generally spoilt mama's boys. I married a white guy instead and that went over well. Twelve years later its no big thing.

  6. Thank you both. He may just wind up with his own restaurant. We'll see.

  7. Thank you!

    Lol on the stingy Indian thing. My husband said this Mars mission officially makes India a first world country. :P

  8. You missed out on a massive challenge lol. You're dead on right about mama's boys, I learned that the hard way. I'm glad to hear things are working well for you in your intercultural marriage. :)

  9. The per kilometre cost of mars mission is cheaper than the per kilometer cost of an auto rickshaw in Delhi. This gives us Delhities hope, that we can also hire our own "Mangalyaans" and travel cheaply.

    This is how India's Space Programme started. It started in a sleepy village called Thumba in Kerala. The office of the agency was the house of the Bishop of a church. The cowshed was the workshop where the rockets were assembled. The launching pad was a place surrounded by coconut trees and marshes. Successive Governments kept up the space programme against all odds. A cricket world cup, an olympic medal, mars probe may be events but they surely gives more Indians the hope to dream and adds a spring in the step of every Indian.

  10. That is really wonderful! I am so proud of him. And what a relief! All men should be corrupted ;)