Monday, August 18, 2014

Life Keeps Going, and Going, and Going

So, I've not been as avid with writing here in the last few months as I used to be. My apologies. The work season picked up with my investigative job, I was diligently looking for a new job, and a whole lot more things were going on that I'll likely update you on soon.

Why was I looking for a new job? Because as much as I love investigations and the work I currently do, it was taking its toll both on me and my marriage. I'm a bit tired of living in hotels and eating crappy food at restaurants I don't know or trust. I've decided life as a road warrior is not for me and I no longer want to drive 1200 miles a week.

Today marks the first day of my new job. I kept the old one too but I'll now be a weekend warrior lol. I had to keep it so I can keep my licenses current because I am gravitating toward a long-term career in a much more desirable position. So my new job fits in with the old one. During the week I'll be working for a major insurance company. On the weekends I'll be investigating insurance claims. So I'm moving onward and a bit sideways for now.

This means that now I'll be home every single night. I'll be able to have time to properly care for myself and my family and I'll be able to spend more time updating my blog, socializing with my friends and fellow bloggers and interacting with people. This is what I love. I love the interaction with people and while I get that occasionally as an investigator, I crave more of it.

Being a road warrior has been a challenge. Most of my work days averaged 14 hours long with there being many spanning 17 hours. I typically worked 15-22 days without a single day off. I can't say the money was bad but with all that time in my car, it becomes an expensive job to keep once you factor in vehicle maintenance, eating out (if you avoid fast food), and basically having to maintain a household and still pay for me to basically live separately from my family.

Sometime within the next few weeks I hope to be back to regularly blogging, interacting on other blogs and social media and recovered from what has been an exhausting summer.


  1. Alexandra MadhavanAugust 18, 2014 at 5:15 PM

    God...sounds so stressful about the old job. Congrats on the new one! xo

  2. Thank you! The old job was getting stressful. I love the work but maintaining that particular job full time was just too much.