Thursday, July 24, 2014

Help a Pardesi Escape Abuse and Protect Her Child

As a survivor of domestic violence, I do what I can to spread awareness about what is available as far as information and referral programs go. Unfortunately in my own situation I learned that our court system is not really much help. For the most part, an abused woman is on her own and it's a massive fight to get out and get the protection you need.

Today I wanted to share the story of another pardesi who is currently struggling to protect herself and her child from an abusive husband. As a community, it's our responsibility to rally around her and help her in her time of need in any way we can. If you can offer support of any kind, whether that be sharing her story, donating money, offering emotional support, or simply finding someone else who can help her, please do so.

Here is the link to her story and her GoFundMe account. As you will see, she provides proof of what she is going through so you don't have to worry about where your money is going.

Legal Fees for Maintaining Safety (DVRO)


She's not asking for money for free. She's willing to give back and help you as well. Please take the time to read her story. 


Thank you!


If you need help escaping an abusive relationship or you know someone who needs help, please see my previous posts on the issue for some vital resources. 


  1. hey...where is the link?

  2. I fixed it. Sorry about that.

  3. Im a social worker and work families. She should contact a local domestic violence shelter and they refer her to services in her area. The agency i work for runs a domestic violence shelter and has several services to help advocate for the survivors. She could also contact ywca they have dv counseling & might have a housing program.