Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 White American Women No Indian Should Marry

Not every white woman is marriage material. Don't let the fairness of her skin distract you from the life long commitment you seek. Just as I posted about undesirable Indian men last week, there are some undesirable white women as well.

Mid-life Crisis Mama – This woman isn't your average divorcee with kids. She's had what was supposed to be a lifetime relationship and even if she says so, she's not looking for that again. Most likely she just wants someone new and fun and unless you're okay with being her boy toy, you should move along and find someone else. Be especially wary of women who have children close to your age. She probably wants a dog or lover to train, not an equal partner to share her life with. 

The Teacher - This woman knows everything you need to get through life. She knows what you like, how you like it, and why. How does she know? Because she told you what you like, how you like it and why. You didn't think you were supposed to have your own opinion did you? Oh no honey, you can't wear that shirt with those pants, change now. Get the drift. If you try to pursue a relationship with this woman, you better like being bossed around and told what to do and when to do it ALL the time. She won't know when to turn off the teacher mode and turn on the personality. Consider yourself warned.

Gaudy Gold Digger – A gold digger seeking an Indian man is not your average gold digger. She doesn't just want your money, she wants the gold and status that she perceives she will get marrying into a rich Indian family. She will want servants and will most likely refuse to do any work. She'll expect more lavish gifts for smaller tasks as the relationship progresses and giving them to her won't guarantee she will marry you or that you'll have a happy relationship. She'll likely never be satisfied any other time than when you're actually gifting her whatever expensive item she's craving now. 

Negative Nancy - This woman is never satisfied with what she has and constantly judges her life based on what other people have in their lives. If they have a 37-inch TV, she'll need a 50-inch TV. If they have a Mercedes, she'll want a Maserati. You can't make her happy but she'll push you till you die trying. It won't just be the merchandise she's not happy with either. She'll put you down if you don't weed the garden twice a week like the neighbor down the street or hand-dry the dishes so there's no spots from the dishwasher left on them. She literally can't be happy with anything until she feels like she's beaten everyone else at it. 

The Accessory Lady - This woman fawns over you but beyond keeping you happy long enough to use you, she doesn't truly love you. You're her latest fashion accessory. A boy toy aimed at making her look cultured or worldly. She needs you to prove she's not the average white girl. She needs you to add to her list of countries she's dated men from so people will see her as something she's not. She may only need you to learn more so she can pretend she's been to India or worse, she may want you to take her to India and show her around before she dumps you. After all, what better way to travel the world than with someone who's willing to pay the bill?

Did I miss someone?
Have you ever dated one of these type of women?


  1. Totally unrelated. I found this interesting piece of evidence on the internet about ancient electricity in India. I remember your post on ancient batteries.

  2. Suddenly while reading this I got so nervous that I would find my own personality here. Of course I didn't, silly me!

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  4. Ha!! I'm glad you didn't find it. :P