Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Types of Indian Men You Should Never Date or Marry

There's always some loser our there seeking to suck the life out of you. He doesn't care what happens to you as long as his needs are met. Beyond being selfish, there are some specific types of Indian men you need to steer clear of in your search for the perfect mate.

The boob-sucking baby overgrown man child - This Indian man is too attached to his mother and all she does for him. He will likely expect to continue being an overgrown baby and may even want you and her to alternate hand feeding him at meals and taking care of his every whim. He's not really looking for a wife, he wants a second mother. **As a side note, never marry a man who doesn't love and respect his mother. He just needs to know when it's time to grow up and be a man.

Bewakoof (Stupid) - This may sound mean but it's important you and your man are intellectually matched. (Assuming you are of reasonable or higher intelligence,) Imagine having a conversation with a rock for the rest of your life. That is what the bewakoof will be like. He won't understand you and you will find it frustrating to try and explain everything to him. You won't be able to come home from work and discuss your day or your job because his brain is mush.

The Gaalian Machine - "gaalian" means abusing in Punjabi. This is the type of man who has an insult for everything and uses them freely. You don't have to understand the words, you just need to see his face when he says them. Is he laughing as if they're the greatest words ever? If so then he's happily vulgar. Even if he uses them as part of normal conversation or starts spewing them when he's angry, this is not the man you want to take home to your parents. Inevitably, you will become the target of his vile speech. Toss him before things get too serious.

Char so bis - (The cheater -literally translated this term means 420, the Indian penal code number for an adulterer) Seriously, it's been proven time and time again, if he is entertaining more women than just you while dating then he likely won't stop later on. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He loves the company of women, not you and you won't be able to make him leave all those girls behind and just love you. Don't kid yourself.

Kaamchor (Translation: Work Thief) - This loser is a lazy mooch. Pay close attention to how little work he does for himself and others. They don't get better after marriage and you can't change him. If you choose to pursue the relationship think you can make him a better man, think again. You'll be the fool slaving over him and trying to keep the bills paid. Seriously girls, this one is better left for some rich playgirl to pick up who can afford him.

Have I missed someone? What type of loser do you recommend staying away from?

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