Friday, June 27, 2014

FNU No More!

Immigration isn't always a nightmare thankfully. I wrote a while back about how hubby had gotten the dreaded FNU on his permanent resident card. You can read that post here if you missed it. We took some initiative and got quite a bit done before sending the card back.

Hubby got really bothered by the FNU and was determined he needed to correct this. Lucky him mailed the package in just in time for USCIS to receive it a few days before the government shut down. (The post above was posted long after the start of this fiasco.) Needless to say that only further delayed things and *sarcasm* gave us so much hope for the processing.

Months went by with no update. Hubby called and they told him they couldn't give him an estimate but he should check the website and see what the current processing timeline was. He did and was dismayed to find out the information was incorrect, lest he would have been notified of the final status. He called back.

This kind of thing went on for a while before he finally called one day and they said yes, we have sent you a letter. Then of course they only had limited information and he had to wait for the letter to arrive. It was an appointment letter to come in a week later, to another state, and get his biometrics done so he could move on to the next phase of the process.

So I begged, bartered and graveled to get the day off on short notice. We got up early that morning and drove the 5 hours to the location. When we got there, we had a bit of difficulty locating the office as it was a very small, non-descript office in a strip mall with only a few white letters on the door and no other identification markers. For this reason, I decided photos were a bad idea.

Inside of the office was much better. There were 3 customers and 3 staff members. One receptionist who had a fantastic personality and was very good at her job and working with people. Another woman was in the back, avoiding having to deal with anyone and the third was a man in an office whom I'll be discussing shortly.

We had gotten there early because I allowed time for unforseen circumstances during travel. The receptionist took us in early, completed hubby's biometrics and answered all of his questions. She understood his accent and communicated with him in a manner he could easily understand. Their interaction left me with a big smile because hubby gets nervous in situations like this and her being female only heightened that. He did just fine without me though and that made me happy.

After she completed all of her work, she directed us to the man in the office. Hubby explained the FNU situation and the man got a puzzled look on his face. I assumed he didn't understand something hubby had said and so I stepped in a bit and explained again. He gave me the same puzzled look and asked to see hubby's visa, our immigration paperwork and the copy we had kept of his green card.

He looked over them carefully and started to shake his head and I chimed in about how someone could think hubby had no first name and then I jokingly inquired if the US just happened to let in people with no name. The man chuckled. He then shook his head more and told us to write a short, descriptive letter of the situation and to mail it to USCIS along with a letter he was going to print for us.

He then kept shaking his head. At one point he commented that even he didn't understand how someone could have entered FNU as the first name for my husband when all the paperwork and the passport made it clear he had a first name. We all had a bit of a laugh over the situation and he then handed us the form and sent us on our way.

Overall, I think the interaction was pretty good, the atmosphere of the office was good and the experience was one of the best we've had in our immigration process.

We went home and mailed the letters as we were told. The rest of the process went very quickly from this point and it only took about a month for hubby to get his new, corrected green card in the mail. He was happy to see he now had a first name again lol.

Our time from start to finish was just under 10 months. Now that's one less thing on our to-do list.

Have you ever had a green card corrected?


  1. Having seen FNU, the man had WTF written on his face and, meanwhile, I had LOL on mine. Comedy Gold, thanks to our dysfunctional immigration system.

  2. Ha! At least the staff was friendly. ;)

  3. Alexandra MadhavanJune 29, 2014 at 6:48 PM

    OMG my hubby has a FNU on his passport and it bugs the hell out of me. I'm all like "What do you mean FIRST NAME UNKNOWN?!?! It is incorrect!!! " Apparently when the passport was issued, it was messed up by the passport officers. We have never changed it, it is so much trouble. We have applied for his Canadian citizenship so hopefully when that gets through, it will finally be correct! Seriously, it irritates me so much LOL.

  4. Yeah hubby felt like you did. I didn't want to go through all of the trouble and also be stuck without the green card on hand but he just couldn't stand it. He had to fix it. I hope your hubbies citizenship comes with his name correct.

  5. Thank you!! I look forward to the future. :)