Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Obama is Afraid of India's Youth

I don't watch the news or follow it so I'm a bit late to this but I had to write about it.

Obama apparently made a speech and stated: "After China I'm afraid of India's youth icon"

Then Rahul Ghandi made a speech and stated: “The American president is first scared of China, its youth, and then he is scared of Indian youth,”

The cultural misunderstanding is both funny and cute in many ways. I don't feel offended by it. I think it's great for a good laugh, especially when I logged into my twitter this morning.

Now one of the top trends on Twitter in Amritsar is #AmericanPresident. Here's some of my favorite tweets...however politically incorrect they may be hahaha. Here's what I saw. (Click the images to be taken directly to the status.)



And this is the funniest I saw by far. :P


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