Thursday, May 1, 2014

Following Up on My New Years Resolutions

I've just looked back at my Happy New Year post in order to see if I'm still on track. I have a tendency to forget I even made resolutions in the first place but this year I immediately put things into action after writing that post. So, I'm not doing too bad it would seem.

My first resolution was to work on curbing my stubbornness. This has been going exceptionally well. I've let go of a lot. It all started with openly stating the words "I forgive you...." I've never stated those words in such a heart-felt, letting-go type manner and boy was I surprised at how effective just verbalizing that phrase was. 5 months later I'm still a bit shocked at how good it worked. Of course, I haven't done that in all aspects of my life. There's some anger I'm just not ready to let go of yet as I still need it to finish my work.

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Life is happier when you let go and just goof off a bit. Like hubby did at Spencers Gifts!

Second was my health. I'm happy to say I'm now on Nature Throid and things are going quite well. I'm still in the adjustment phase though and have not yet achieved the right dosage. This in turn leads to a lot more sleeping, hence I'm not here nearly as much as I once was. I'm optimistic this will work out quite well. Unfortunately being off of meds completely for 4 months has done some pretty serious damage and I have significant difficulty walking most days. I will not be deterred though and I will push forward until the day I can be fully active again.

Third was a new job. I've applied at quite a few places but the job market is tough. I'm currently in second round interviews for a job and things look very promising on that front but the hiring process is very slow. So I haven't stopped applying. Still, I'm at the same old job as before, trudging along and just being thankful that I get to sit down for 90 percent of it because until I can walk effortlessly again, this job is suitable. And maybe that's why the job hunt is moving so slow. God's timing is never wrong.

Additionally, I've been hitting the religious and health studies pretty hard this year. Those are kind of collectively grouped into all of the above so it's fitting. I'm liking the results thus far. I've learned a tremendous amount of information that has and will continue to serve me well. I've been all over the place with this learning. From GMO foods to Gnosticism, to listening to a Rabbi's podcast. It's been an intriguing journey and hearing from many sides has provided me many answers to questions I've had all my life.

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Just like this Easter Egg, I was cracked and the colors of life have seeped in and dyed me.  

Of course, with listening to all of that I've heard a few looney's to say the least but still, I hear them out and reflect on why I feel the way I do about something they are clearly passionate about. Things like this are making me a more whole person. Inner reflection is fantastic if you've never tried it.

I guess that about sums it up for the last few months of my life. Hubby and I are doing well. We have both committed to bettering ourselves and he seems to be doing quite well on his path also. Thank you all for continuing to follow our story and lives. I truly appreciate you. :)

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