Friday, February 14, 2014

How Do I Love Thee, Let me Count the Punjabi Ways!

Love Is A Game | Valentine's Day | Source

That comment is great! So fitting for the last year of hubby and I's life. We've both had to work hard on our marriage, adjusting to life and the  changes we have had to deal with. Sometimes lady luck shines on you and sometimes she's on vacation. :P

Punjabi love lines that are important to know: (IMO)
  1. *insert name* tu bhari sohni haigi (*name,* you are very beautiful)
  2. tera bina meri zindagi adhuri ay (I am incomplete without you)
  3. mainu teri bhari yaad aah rahi ay (I really miss you)
What are some other love quotes that you would recommend in Punjabi?


  1. Ha ha nice. Happy Valentine's day! Good to hear that your husband is adjusting to Life in the US.

  2. Don't know about punjabi but I can present you the most romantic dialogue in the history of bollywood"

    "Aapke pao deke, bohut haseen hai, inko zameen par math rekheaga, maalaa hoe jayagen"

    "I saw you feet, they are beautiful, please do not keep them on the floor, they would get dirty"

    Or this beautiful song