Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!!

Today should prove to be both an interesting and busy day. I'm going to be in a purple wedding. You know I LOVE purple hahaha. Well, I'm not the only one. The bride is wearing lavender and the bridesmaids are all in plum with lavender accents. Nope, this look isn't for everyone but amazingly (no purple bias here I swear) the colors come together fantastically with the addition of some silver bling. Exciting!! myspace graphic comments
Happy New Year graphics

As the old tradition goes, I will be making resolutions like many others for the new year. None of mine will be about weight, exercise, etc. I simply have better things in my life to worry about right now that how hot I'll be when I'm 45. For those of you who love fitness, more power to you, it's just simply not my calling. Of course neither is eating cheeseburgers and grease with a goal of being the fattest person in the world so don't go thinking I'm a basket case either.

This year I'm resolving to try and further curb my own stubbornness. Over time I've gotten pretty good at on-the-spot resolutions to things that make me want to be stubborn. However, I've not once mastered the art of not letting that fester and keeping my stubborn genes at bay. That is something I'm consciously working on as it serves no purpose but to make my own life harder. I have no intention of becoming spineless but I'm no longer going to be devoting any of my time thinking about how rude, nasty or ridiculous someone has been because of their self-righteousness. They don't deserve a space in my brains landscape and thus won't be getting one anymore.

My second goal is to get back on track with my health. Still an Obamacare victim, I've had to go completely off my meds. Virginia isn't participating as a state, I made just enough to miss qualifying for the marketplace and subsidies and thus now have been offered 1 free checkup per year as this fabulous health insurance the plan offers. It doesn't cover anything and all of my doctors left their practices including my specialist. Having to start back at square one nor having black out spells on the Mylan they gave me were enticing options. I've now been completely off of my medications awaiting some reasonable solution for about a month, maybe more.

This hasn't been good for me either but I feel better than I've felt since they discontinued my old meds so at least I'm not miserable on a daily basis or killing anyone because I'm blacking out while driving. I think that's a win/win situation, don't you? So I'm resolving in the new year to find some alternative to this nightmare created by a government that doesn't deserve my tax dollars. This includes holistic, non-medicinal approaches that I'm quite excited about and will likely be writing about on another blog since this one is not about health and non-mainstream cures. Those of you won't won't think me a quack for stepping outside of the norm can follow me and I'll post the link once I get up and running on this one. I have a lot of ideas for it but thus far have not acted upon any of it beyond gathering resources.

Third, I'm hell-bent on finding a new job. Not career....job. I love the work, I hate the travel. I never liked to drive much in the first place so after traveling around 70,000 miles last year (that's 113,000 KM) I've decided I need to find something with a significantly less amount of time in a car. I would also prefer never to work 90 hours in one week EVER again. I have some applications in for some pretty enticing positions. Let's hope something manifests from it soon. I do love the experience I've gotten though. Quite exciting indeed!

I think those 3 are enough obstacles for one year. I did quite well on last year's resolutions. I managed to foster stronger relationships with several family members and I've grown as a person, both personally and professionally. 2013 wasn't a bad year at all. I successfully established myself in the US, purchased 3 cars, moved to a upscale area and yet somehow haven't managed to clean out my closet and update my wardrobe. Perhaps I'll make that #4 on my resolutions.

What is your biggest resolution for the new year?


  1. "It doesn't cover anything and all of my doctors left their practices including my specialist."

    Reason 'number one' why I will most likely NEVER live in the US ever again - I never want to work in or deal with the US healthcare 'system' ever again. I'm just amazed how US physicians have given their power to insurance accountants with out a whimper. Then again I'm amazed at how US citizens put up with continually paying more for health care but consistently getting less. What is up with that?

    I don't miss spending 3-4 hours daily in my car commuting or doing 'errands' in the US either.

    My biggest new year's resolution is to cut out behaviors/relationships/habits that no longer serve any useful purpose also. And to devote at least an hour a day to meditation. The mind is like a muscle, use it or lose it!

  2. I agree 100% about the healthcare. We're constantly getting crappier treatment for more money and with a lot more trouble. That's why I had been going to a private hospital system for so long. I loved it. My doctors gave me equal rights in my care. I got to say/do/choose what I wanted and needed given the circumstances and within medical guidelines of course. My primary doctor had such a wonderful personality and never tried to dominate anything. If I felt I wanted or needed testing, she would oblige me (of course, I wasn't asking for anything dramatic) and order them. She was very good in explaining anything to me. I've never had such good treatment anywhere else, both medically and as a person (by health care workers). I'm truly going to miss it.

    I don't really like driving and running around and wasting all my time getting things done but in my situation in India, I realized that it's not something I truly want to give up forever. Of course, you've read most of it lol. I didn't have the same rights and freedoms that other women have had.

    I'm working on my mind as well but it had nothing to do with the resolutions. I have tons of free time in my car at work and thus have found some intriguing new things to learn. It's great.

  3. Happy New Year!
    I hope you find a good solution to your health issues soon. And I am keeping my finger crossed that all the job applications you filled will lead you to a better job. I would go crazy sitting in a car the whole day long and logging as many kilometer has you have this past year.

  4. Alexandra MadhavanJanuary 2, 2014 at 1:33 AM

    I love saying "Happy Holidays"'s my go-to :)

  5. happy new year to you and your family

  6. Belated Happy New Year to you & yours.