Thursday, January 9, 2014

He Was Like... WTF???

Running a blog is taxing sometimes lol. I absolutely love managing this blog but I have so much going on, I'm just not finding the time to fit it in! Luckily today I have some free time in which I can't really do much else - as in not enough time to do anything constructive but too much time to just lay around doing nothing. So hence, I am here lol. Finally. I've missed it. (Yes, I know I haven't been gone that long but if you knew how much I had to write on real paper or type on my phone so I don't forget to write about it you'ld know that it feels like much longer than it really has been.)

Anyway, I wanted to share some funny moments from hubby's first year here in the U.S. so far.

As most of you know, having pets is not the norm in an Indian home. Many people have pets, but it's not nearly as many people percentage-wise as here in the U.S. There's also some social and religions stigmas attached to dogs and cats, two of the most popular pets here in the U.S. So you can imagine the look on hubby's face when we brought a rescue cat into our home.

Poor thing was nearly starved to death and had terrible ear mites. Her ears weren't even pink anymore! Someone lost a pet somehow because this kitty was very well trained, very calm and relaxed and extremely lazy lol. Hubby was apprehensive and tried to avoid the cat but after years of me showing him funny cat pictures and videos and telling him stories of all the cats I've owned over the years he also wanted to get close to the cat. He was like a kid who wanted to touch it, but didn't out of fear of the unknown LOL. It was super cute.

Day 1 of the cat being there and hubby mostly hid in our bedroom.
Day 2 he decided that food is love and hence started sneaking food to the cat. Did I tell him that was the surest way to make the cat want to come closer to him all the time? No! Hahahaha. I'm rotten, I know.
Day 3 the cat got into our room and promptly jumped up into the bed with hubby, effectively pinning him to the bed by laying with her head on his arm. LOL!

Hubby texts me a picture talking about how he can't move. Within days, hubby and the cat were best buddies. Yes, hubby started talking in a completely different tone of voice to the cat, trying to teach the cat Punjabi words for food, etc. It was hilarious. But that's not the funniest part of the story.

I took hubby to PetSmart. As if walking in the door wasn't shock enough with all the animals on leashes, in cages and more....we went to the cat toy section. On the way we passed the clothing section. Hubby stopped and started briefly before giving me a weird look and asking if all of those clothes were for cats. When I said yes, he was left almost speechless. All he could say was WTF. Hahahahaha.

This is one part of one side of the clothing rack for animals. There were well over 100 outfits available on just this one small rack, set out for the winter holidays.

He then made the remark about how in India no one would dress a dog up to look like a ladybug or put a sweater on a cat. He had to take pictures to send his family because he was sure they wouldn't believe him LOL. Hubby was quite shocked at all the choices available.

When we got to the toy section he was again shocked. America is well known for it's selection and varieties and we don't disappoint in the pet stores either. There were about 30 different scratching posts, 20 different styles of litter boxes, a whole aisle of toys. Cat soap, shampoo, and the list goes on. It was quite a new experience for him to see all of those things and for there to be multiple choices of each.

A broader view of the inside of the store.

We ventured out to see the animals and he was a little surprised at how many types of mice we seemed willing to purchase, that snakes and lizards were available and that some people come to the store just to play with the available kitties.

That was a few months ago and now hubby and the rescue cat are old friends. The cat spends a lot of time with him, knows how to ask him for food and where her spot is on his side of the bed. :P I bought hubby several flavors of  cat treats so he could train the cat or make her do what he wanted. She's extremely lazy though so she's also taught him that sometimes he's going to give her the treat without any performance in return hahaha.

The cat's spot. (Notice it's between him and his laptop LOL.)

Soon we're going to be getting a tiny, energetic fluff ball. Our rescue cat turned out to be 6 and just refuses to respond to hubby's incessant taunts with the dangling toys. So he now wants one that will jump around so he can make videos of it chasing the laser pointers and shredding cloth mice. I can't wait to capture those moments in our lives!


  1. The cat jumping to cuddle next to him is so funny! Honestly, I'm yet to get brave enough to walk into Petsmart - walked past though lol!

  2. You should go in sometime. The dogs and cats people bring in are kept on leashes so they can't bother you. It's quite an experience to see!

  3. I love pets, dogs especially - just not ready to care for one right now. But I should try 'just looking' sometime :)