Friday, January 17, 2014

A Lot Can Happen in One Year

Just over a year ago, on December 31, 2012, hubby and I received our notice from the embassy that the National Visa Center (NVC) had approved our case and it was being forwarded to the embassy. The last step in our journey was to wait for the appointment to be assigned.

I got the notice first. Hubby was out with friends preparing to celebrate the new year. I was just watching TV. I told him Happy New Year, I'll see you in about 2 months. He was so happy. After our phone call, he of course had a celebration of his last New Years in India. I didn't hear from him till late the next day (his time). He stayed out as late as he could get away with without his parents getting mad and I slept in.

It's hard to believe it's already been over a year since that moment. That was a scary, yet defining moment in our relationship. So much has happened since then. Hubby and I both have been through so many changes together. We've learned so much about ourselves and each other and grown as a couple. We've had our good times, our bad times, and some times we just can't explain. 

In the upcoming months, I'm going to tell you our stories. My original intention was to post about these things as they occurred. I tried, I typed and I put all my thoughts in my journal. That was all I managed to do. They were rough, emotional, and not ready for publication. My work, family and home obligations didn't allow for me to go back and reread the post and spell check, etc. before posting. Some of them I needed to be sure that's what I wanted to say.

You all should know by now I can be very emotional and I do have to police some of the things I say when writing these posts. I try to go back over anything too emotional and make sure I wasn't half out of my mind before posting it (proverbially) lol.

Some of the posts I did go back and reread and my thoughts and feelings had changed. Misunderstandings had been resolved and I was no longer sure what to think. There was just no time to overhaul the posts. But I think I'm ready now. Let the cards fall where they may. No matter what I would edit them to say, those who weren't there wouldn't understand them any better. Some of you may even be able to relate.

After thinking on these posts for a year now, I don't think I want to make any changes. Given my history on this blog, the fact you've been here so long and you know my story, it only seems fitting and right to share them in the same spirit I wrote them. So hold on, these next few months may feel like a roller coaster ride.


  1. I, for one. really appreciate the honesty on this blog and the fact that you do not sugar coat people,situations, countries etc etc etc. Keep it up! My father was a newsman- I like hearing facts and opinions as they *are* and I like the fact that you are not afraid to relate your viewpoints. This is a good blog, I have been reading it for a long while now.

  2. Thank you! It's often hard to talk this openly but even IRL I feel like if someone does something, they did it. It's that simple. There's no need to deny it, fight it, etc. I feel the same way about myself. If I did it, I did it. I'm the one responsible for it, I'm the one who must answer for it. Reality to me is quite fascinating, whether good or bad. I don't see a need to change things to make them more interesting. Life simply is what it is.

  3. Crystal (My Hindi Heart)January 18, 2014 at 3:14 AM

    I think honesty is powerful, and really generous of you. Because those of us who are entering similar situations, or already facing similar situations want to learn more and be able to relate. I'm fairly new here, but I'm eager to read back and learn more about your story. I'm about to go on my own adventure to India, Your blog and other similar blogs are super helpful to me and anyone else who becoming intimately involved with Indian culture. (Especially when it comes to loving an Indian. <3 )
    Please continue blogging, and your honesty is soo appreciated.

  4. Crystal (My Hindi Heart)January 18, 2014 at 3:53 AM

    I forgot to give you my website. :O
    Okay, I have to do a little catching up. Take care. :D

  5. Do you really think you need to put your life in the open? Whatever you do, your virtual footprint remains....It's not that hard to figure out your name, your husbands name and your profession from what you write here. I mean, just before you spill out your and you husband's relationship issues, you might want to consider what placing things in the open does for you?You really truly believe all these people in the comments section care about you? We're just passing time reading your blog....Your personal life is not dirty linen to be washed in public. Your 'virtual friends' are....just virtual. If you've got issues with people, sort them out with the people are here for gossip, and 'mazza'/spice. Unless you know the commentators, no one is really your friend.

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  7. Thank you!!! Sorry it took me so long to comment back. I've been super busy lately. I've added your blog to my blog roll and reader. I'm looking forward to reading it and I hope others in the community find you and enjoy it as well. :)