Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hillbillly Christmas Parades

I have to laugh at the things hubby gets exposed to here. Living in a mountainous area filled with small towns has definitely been a major difference from living in a bustling concrete jungle like Amritsar. So I couldn't wait to take hubby to the local Christmas parades. The biggest one unfortunately got cancelled because of weather but he really enjoyed the smaller one we went to.

He loved seeing the various exhibits. I would say floats but it would seem over the years this parade has whittled down to pickup truck beds and a some coverings lol. Eh. He liked it. It was in the mid 30's F, that's about 0-3 degrees C for those of you not in the US. Hubby was the only one who layered on enough clothes not to be freezing hahaha.

We met up with my family, foster kids, and their boyfriends. We found a nice spot 30 minutes before the parade started and threw down a blanket. Then the crowd came and we got squished up and some crotchety old woman beside us started fussing at the foster kids about how "that spot" was taken. WTH! We had our blanket there and had been sitting on it for 30 minutes. I'm not sure why she thought the side walk was hers. I let her know that she had no business fussing at someone elses children to begin with and that she didn't own the sidewalk. I'm sure she didn't want a teenager with bright red dyed hair too close to her but she can't expect to have her own personal bubble on a crowded street during a parade. Ok. Rant over. :)

Anyway, I snapped some pictures of the crazy floats we had...including the hillbilly rescue truck LOL.

I have no idea what this thing is. It's a tractor with some kind of box on the back. 

Twirlers! A standard in just about any parade. 

The star of the parade hahaha! He kept barking like crazy the whole way down the road.

Local high school bands. You can't really see it here but they had decorated many of the instruments.

Shriner's clowns! 

Radio stations announcing from the top of their vans.

More Shriners clowns. These guys are awesome!

I had tons more pictures, however they're currently in RAW format and I haven't gotten them all converted over to a usable format.

The parade lasted about an hour and hubby was ready to go find more parades to attend. Someday, we'll go to some major city like Atlanta or NY to see a massive parade. Maybe, just maybe, if he's lucky I might take him to Mardis Gras lol.


  1. Awww that sounds like it was loads of fun, we never had Christmas parades in Switzerland, but we had Christmas markets.

  2. That sounds fun! Come to Charlotte, we can offer a parade somewhere in between redneck and New York.

  3. Love it. Makes me homesick. I was in the marching band in one of these in your neighboring "big city" and of course it was freezing cold that day! Nothing like walking around in a polyester band uniform in winter.

  4. If you ever decide to vacation in America, come during the Christmas season! You won't be disappointed.

  5. Oh nice! I was hoping to take hubby to see the big balloons. It's sad they didn't reschedule. I can't wait to take him through the neighborhoods that coordinate all their decorations. I haven't had time to do that yet. I'm living in the big city now btw. It was time for an upgrade beyond old-lady land. :)

  6. You already got me curious with holiday themed and flavoured candies. I will have to experience the Holidays in the US one day.

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