Monday, December 2, 2013

7 Secrets About Me

So it would seem I ran out of posts that were ready and time. Hmm.... I must conquer this brain fog from being overworked and come up with something soon lest the bitches haters think they've gotten rid of me. For today I'm going to share some secrets with you in lieu of the Versatile Blogger Award I was granted by Madh Mama!

I set out writing this blog with the idea that if anyone else (because back then I hadn't found anyone else lol) was to partake of a similar journey, they could read my story as one example. I had no idea how things would turn out and I've done my best to post the good and the bad, within reason of course. I've met many great women and a few I think I would like to forget. This is a very unique community to say the least. I think, seeing how big this blog has grown, I have accomplished my goal and for the most part I've stayed true to the original purpose.

Without further adieu....

The rules for accepting this award are:
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  • Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers
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  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself
7 Interesting things about myself :
  1. In high school I had enough hair spray built up that my super-fine hair actually stood 4 inches high on the top of my head. (My bangs were really long lol.)
  2. I make it a point to watch every new episode of Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood. I'm addicted. 
  3. Since coming home from India I can no longer watch my old favorite shows like Criminal Minds and CSI because of the gore.
  4. When I was 7 my grandmother made me practice my handwriting for an hour every night because she felt it was critical to have pretty handwriting. It's funny, I actually copied my style from older kids who had aspects of their writing that I liked lol. 
  5. I just (literally) ordered a shiny new purple laptop - as if you haven't heard me say I wanted one enough, I finally got one!
  6. I get super excited over the little (non-material) joys in life and could care less about diamonds, big screen TV's and expensive cars. 
  7. My display of satisfaction for those little things is much bigger in real life than it is on this blog.
Paying it forward - Nominating 15 of my other most-read and *active* bloggers (in no particular order!):
I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!

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