Sunday, November 17, 2013

How I Fell In Love With My Husband

I lived a loner lifestyle most of my life. As a child I enjoyed spending time on my own and I can remember my grandmother running into the room on many occasions because she couldn't hear me breathing anymore. I was so quiet, her only way to know that I was okay was to listen for my breathing. Looking back now I love those memories of her.

I was the type of child who had very few friends and many acquaintances. I had rather spend my time sewing, reading, working in the garden or spending time with my animals than going off with friends or family. I lived a very happy, quiet, country lifestyle until we moved to the city when I was 11.

I found the rat race of city living both exhausting and intriguing. I met people from other cultures and became subjected to some of the most brutal events imaginable. I began to learn a lot about people from all walks of life. This continued on into my adult life as I began to develop my own home later on. I moved approximately every two years and saw more and more that went against all I had learned in my early childhood years.

After a while I began to lose interest in relationships. I didn't want anything to do with men (or women). I didn't want to spend any more of my time tied to someone intimately. Then I met hubby.

I found him startling, indescribably different and intriguingly mesmerizing. It didn't make sense. I'm a rational person. I wasn't about to start a relationship with someone I barely knew, especially not someone from a sex I had deemed to be too volatile and cruel for me to live with. I didn't feel like a relationship was right for me and I was committed to remaining happily single. For 6 months of a purely platonic friendship, things remained that way.

Then it happened. He slipped and told me he loved me. I didn't know how to respond. It took me by surprise....ironically, I was cooking chicken curry for dinner while he said it. We ended the conversation without another word. Things were tense the next time we talked.

It didn't take long before more emotions started flowing though. He offended my sense of sexism against men. He completely destroyed my ability to say "all men" when I was discussing how I didn't like them anymore. I had never met anyone with such a sweetened heart other than my grandfather. I began to think that maybe, just maybe, this man could be the type of man I had always been looking for. How the hell did he sneak into my life like this? I was completely happy being single.

An early email - before I had said I love you back to him.
Date: Sunday, July 6 11:35 AM
hey k,  i just wanna share with u some feeelings i never feeel ever in my life b4 like i did today bc plenty of people give me advise told me things what is right or wrong and tell me best of luck or stuff like for any challenge.but the way u told me be with ur self and u gonna do it better and u send me text time to time,and when i give exam its goes awesome and i was like wtf and ur things which u told me its coming in mind,and i feeels so touch and i cant explain it all the way when i came to home ur text and ur talking in my mind and i was like magic happens its means so much to me u dont know that,u just completely help me and ty for that,and never ever tell me thats my sms bothered u or not.its never bothered me, hope we remain same always

And after he had completely destroyed my single life....(The following are Myspace statuses...can you imagine? No one even has Myspace anymore do they? :P)

*R* tu mere layee sab kush mai tere layee sab kush 1 hour ago.
Mood: wanted (posted Sept. 24)
That means something like "You are everything for me and I am everything"

*R* iam on the phone with my soulmate k*** Just Now.
Mood: sweaty (posted September 28)

*R* i love u and i pray to god that nothing happened in our relationship never i love u from bottom of my heart 16 hours ago.
Mood: adored  (November 17)
And then I purchased plane tickets, went to India and the rest is history. Most of it is already on this blog.

*R* miss u everyday more and are my miss punjaban   Mood: blessed  3 hours ago.  (March 13)

I'm really missing this man right now.

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  1. This is the most sweetest post I've read in a long time. Sounds like it was meant to be :-)

    My husband also said the same words to me after I brought him a dosa from a food fair. I also didn't know how to react at the time!. Hope everything is fine with you and your husband in the US