Friday, October 11, 2013

Paint the World Purple

October 11 is an important day for many people. Today is the UN's International Day of the Girl Child. A second site on the topic you should visit is "Day of the Girl."

This event seeks to bring attention to, education and awareness of the war on girls. The ultimate goal is to end atrocities like female feoticide, bride burning, acid attacks, female circumcision and more throughout the world. Baby girls, young ladies and women are being murdered senselessly. They're being attacked and destroyed as if they are worthless.

Thinks about this the next time you look at your mother. Is she valuable to you? Of course she is, you would not be on this earth without her. What about your sister? What about your aunt, your grandmother, your niece or that pretty girl you hope knows you exist? Women have an irreplaceable value in society. The world simply could not exist without them.

This war on women comes from a need to control them. If the woman can't be controlled properly she is at risk of injury or death. If she's perceived as being a burden, she is at risk of injury or death. Every baby girl has the potential to be a wife, a mother, a sister, a niece, a girlfriend. Each one is valuable. She's a human being. You can't own or control her, but if you show her true love, she will lay down her life for you. She can do and be more for you than any friend ever could and she is just as valuable as a son, a brother, a father, a nephew. The world has no balance without girls.

Another reason October 11 is important is for "Paint the Town Purple" which is a date selected by Abuse No More in which they request you wear purple in honor of domestic violence awareness.

Domestic Violence Awareness
Image courtesy Abuse No More Facebook page.
October is Domestic Violence (DV) awareness month. DV supporters are encouraged to wear purple in support of women who are surviving and recovering from DV. I am a survivor and that is why purple is my favorite color. I wear it often and I choose to always have something purple with me to support other women who may not have been as fortunate as I have and those who have not yet been able to break free.

Image Courtesy of "It's October...." Facebook page.

If you or someone you know is in a violent or abusive relationship, you can encourage them and give them the support and help they need to make a safe exit. No one deserves to be abused. No one should have to endure the mental, emotional and physical torture of abuse. While today is the day of the girl child, DV doesn't discriminate and men can be victims too.

Never push a victim to get out, never give up on them when they don't run away as soon as you tell them. It's very difficult to stand up for yourself and leave these relationships when you've been conditioned to believe that you can't. They may feel like you don't understand or that you just don't know. If you give up on them, you are enabling the behavior. Be there, offer them help, lead them to your local resources and then give them the strength and the courage they need to leave safely.

For more reading on the International Day of the Girl Child, hop over to Attached Moms and read her post!

Anyone else blogging on these two subjects, please let me know and do me the honor of being able to share your post and help bring as much awareness to these issues as possible.

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