Friday, October 25, 2013

Natures Splendid, Chaotic, Mountain Fury

Perhaps I like storms because I was brought into this world on a stormy night. Perhaps the roar calmed me as they brought me back to life. I was born a blue baby - the umbilical cord wrapped so tightly around my neck I was no longer breathing.

I had forgotten just how different a storm feels in the mountains until today. Rural mountain areas are still uncorrupted by modern living standards of the city dwellers. There are very few street lights, very few road signs, no businesses begging for your patronage. Out in the mountains, it's just you, the trees and very little that is unnatural.Cell phones often don't have signal and there's no wi-fi on every corner.

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I was driving through a very rural, mountainous area in West Virginia today when a storm suddenly arrived. It started with leaves being ripped from the trees and dancing through the air around me. The trees were beautiful. The colors were lively and bright. The reds, yellows, oranges and still some green scattered through the landscape.

 Then the rains came and got heavier and heavier. 

intercultural relationships, emotions, cross cultural, marriage
 And the rain got harder and harder making visibility a little more difficult. 

Then suddenly it turned to this. Leaves blowing everywhere, rain pouring so hard my windshield wipers couldn't keep the window clear even on high speed. This shot (above) was taken a split second after they made a pass of my window. The water trail they left behind is on the right.

And as suddenly as it came, it slowed down, leaving behind a trail of its destruction. Leaves sticking to the road, littering the landscape. A staunch reminder that nature gives and nature takes away.

Then the sun came back out and the leaves blew away with each passing car. The winds had calmed and other than the water on the road, everything appeared serene, yet somehow still chaotic.

old buildings, rural, west virginia, historic

A few rain drops still trickling down from the sky. That's when I was driving past this and it also reminded me just how dreary, yet intriguing, old buildings can look under an overcast sky.

As I continued on my drive I felt as if the world around me was moving much faster than I was. I was taking in all the sites, absorbing the look, the feel, the smell, the temperature and all that came with the storm as it passed me by. I was not one with the world, I was simply in it for a time. I was disconnected in an extraordinary and healing way.

Have you ever felt disconnected with life? Not in the sense that you would feel if you turned off your cell phone or cut off the TV but in that sense that nature is happening around you and you're there, watching and feeling it happen at a different pace or on a different level. I'm sorry, this feeling is very hard to describe but if you've felt it, I think you will know what I'm describing.


  1. I find myself disconnected quite often :) And I love storms too, whenever there is one happening you will find me looking out the window soaking up the cool air and watching nature's fury, they don't happen that often in Mumbai though :(

  2. Love Rain....No one can see me crying

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