Monday, October 21, 2013

Mixed Media Monday - The Day My God Died (This is not a religious post)

***TRIGGER WARNING*** Do not watch this video or continue reading this post if you are sensitive to rape and other topics of sexual atrocities committed against women and children.

Part of being a woman means you're unfortunately exposed to male advances. Some wanted, some unwanted, etc. More than a few times in my life I've wondered what makes men tick. What happens to them as they're so overcome by testosterone and/or a need for control that they start trying to push themselves upon women. Many men will say or do whatever they feel is necessary to get sex from a woman. Unfortunately sometimes the man is even willing to force himself upon a woman.

I've been spending more time reading and watching documentaries on various subjects related to Hinduism, India, religion, history and criminal justice. This video covers three of those subjects. I wasn't looking for anything so awful, and I found it very difficult to watch but at the same time, I couldn't look away.

Some astonishing things I learned while watching this video were that the largest red light district (area of prostitution) in the world is in Mumbai. It's name is Kamathipura and it's known as "the cages." It's f*cking sick.

The more I watched and learned from this video the more I got to wondering what kind of nasty individual would even want to have sex in these conditions? And people pay for this and it happens on a regular basis - some girls having as many as 40 customers a day. So 40 nasty men. Some facts from the video:
  • These girls are allowed to shower only once a week. So they don't wash after each customer or even daily. No one that I've ever met in India feels like this is hygienic. Most Indians I know shower multiple times daily.
  • 80% of them are HIV positive. 
  • They area allowed almost no healing time (in most cases as little as 2 hours) after having a miscarriage or abortion before going back to having sex.
  • This is a $700 Million (US) a day trade and the profits keep growing just in this one Mumbai slum. (Human trafficking is a world-wide issue.)
  • These girls are stolen by their friends, sold by their family and taken from their mothers by sick individuals that view them only as a money making opportunity. 
  • Brothel owners hide behind the idea that they themselves are "human" as if that makes what they do somehow justifiable.
Where is the humanity? The common sense? What the hell is wrong with people that they think they need sex or control over another person this bad?

I think it takes a special kind of sick person to sell another human being to begin with. You can't own life and to think so and act like you do is ridiculous.

I fully support the death penalty on this issue. Those who rape these girls and sell them into this life deserve to die. They don't just destroy one life, they destroy many lives each and every day. They do not deserve the right to walk the face of this Earth.

I hope God, whichever one you worship, see's fit to destroy your life if you ever enable, support, engage in, or promote this kind of sick activity. You don't deserve to live IMO if you think any form of human trafficking is okay.

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