Friday, September 13, 2013

Punjabi Snow Angels

I'm dying laughing as I type this up and if hubby ever realizes I posted it he's sure to kick my butt. I wrote previously about him seeing his first snow. Well, it snowed again. This time we got about 10 inches.

Hubby went out to play in the snow. He got nailed with a snowball! Hahaha. But it gets better because he caught on quick and got even by making a massive snowball twice the size of his head and joining the fight. It was fun to watch...especially since I wasn't the one getting hit with them. Yep, I stayed safely on my porch holding a camera where they couldn't get to me.

Then he got the bright idea to lay in the snow so I could take his picture. I in turn decided to tell him how to make a snow angel. Here's the picture of him in the snow.
Punjabi snow angels NRI intercultural

Now, immediately after this snap shot he jumped up, screaming about how cold it was and running for the warmth of our home. Snow had gotten into his pants and under the cuffs of his jacket sleeves while making the angels. LOL! He also lost his phone in the snow and it took us 30 minutes to find it. It was awesome! Here's a blurry snap of him jumping up out of the snow and acting silly while screaming about it being cold. He was joking around and it was hilarious.

Punjabi snow angels NRI Intercultural

*Note: No Indians were harmed in the making of these photos. :P