Monday, September 2, 2013

Mixed Media Monday - One Afternoon by Yumi Heo

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This is a very cute book about a little boy named Minho who lives in a big city. The city is full of sights and sounds and the story takes you through running errands around the neighborhood, getting ice cream and visiting the supermarket. Minho has difficulty tuning out the noise.

The book features onomatopoeic words (thump, whurra, etc.) to engage young children and represent the noises. The book takes your child through life in a bustling Asian city and her words capture the impressions of the child in the story in ways easy for a child to understand.

Instead of showing scenes inside of a home or forest, the book shows you apartment buildings, busy street traffic and children playing games in the streets. 

The book is recommended for ages 2-6 and is available through Amazon here.

There is also an accompanying teaching guide for parents to help their children learn from the book. The guide is here.

There are several other books available from this author as well including One Sunday Morning

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