Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anti-F.O.B. Status

Hubby had been here around 3 months when he finally started to relax a little. For those of you who don't know what F.O.B. is, it stands for 'fresh off (the) boat" and is a term applied to Indians who come the the US (or possibly anywhere abroad) and haven't yet fit into the society.

Hubby was guilty of this as well. I didn't complain nor push him. I like him just the way he is - even when he gets on my nerves! So when he came here he still had to put on the jeans, button up shirt, belt, nice shoes etc., even when he was only going to sit in my car all day long with me while I worked. I did suggest to him a few times he not wear such confining clothing because we had a long drive but he was sure he needed to look nice everywhere he went.

Now here we are 3 months later and my husband gets up one morning, puts on some basketball shorts and a t-shirt and tells me that's what he's wearing because he's seen other people dressed like that. Really? You're just now noticing! Lol. That's what I was thinking anyway. I kind of felt a little proud though because it showed that he is indeed learning to live here. That's how all the young men dress. (Hahahahahaha... just picking! Adults dress like this too.)

It's a good thing he chose this outfit. We had a super long day that day and he wound up feeling terrible in the car. We had eaten Indian food at an unknown restaurant the night before and he wound up eating seconds late that night (hubby always orders 2-3 dishes and takes some home) and I think he probably shouldn't have ate it. He slept it off for a couple of hours in the back seat but I think if he had been wearing jeans he would have been miserable since even the basketball shorts had been hurting his stomach.

He's not been using hair oil as much either. We found a product he likes better that is some kind of hair conditioner with gel in it so his hair stays in place.

What I find interesting is that my husband hasn't seemed too concerned with fitting in.  This isn't like him really. Normally he's all about the social standards and making sure no one has a reason to pick at him. I can only chalk this up to culture shock as he's also tried to cling really hard to Indian ways. This includes fashion. Most of you know that the way men dress in India is reminiscent of the 50's here in the US.

This is just one small victory in the ugly war on culture shock.
What are some things you noticed about yourself or your spouse that helped you realize they were starting to fit in with their new host culture?

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