Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Little Me Time.....Please!

I'll be the first to admit I'm stubborn. I am a little set in my ways too. I can see these attitudes increasing in me as I get older. So it didn't come as much of a surprise to me that I needed a break from everything that was going on just a few short weeks after hubby got here.

I needed some relaxation time. Everyone needs it. Hubby's immigration was not the only thing I had going on in my life. Though I won't promote it here, I have another blog entirely devoted to this struggle because it's so rare and extreme and crazy. Writing is my therapy and thus, I needed a place to put it all.

But back to my point, I needed some 'me time.' This is a concept very familiar with most Americans. You can't be a good person, spouse or family member if you never get a break from the daily stress in your life. We all need time to unwind and reboot our minds.

Trying to go to bed at night and rest wasn't enough. Hubby and I still hadn't settled who got to keep the covers at night and thus, I wasn't always getting quality sleep. I didn't get any free time after getting in bed and before going to sleep either. Turns out, hubby had forgotten I can't talk until I fall asleep. Waking up in the morning again was no rest. Hubby is a real talker and has a lot more energy than I do. I wake up a zombie, he is raring to go like a 2 year old on soda.

All day long I constantly stay busy. This isn't much unlike my time in India where I felt like I was constantly 'on' and going and couldn't slow down or relax. The main difference is that here in the US I was actually on, it wasn't just perception. I'm not sure if I had a single free minute to do anything there for a while. I mean, here I was responsible for establishing an immigrant in the US, taking care of a family, working, paying bills, and all that comes with it. I was literally doing the work of 3-4 people by American standards. In India it would have been more like 5-6.

I wasn't and am still not complaining. I just needed time to sit down and not have to do all of that, make phone calls, or think about it all. I needed a moment to reboot myself. Luckily I got it. It only lasted 4 hours and I still got a few texts from Punjabi Gharwala but overall I didn't have to do/be/think much at all. Then I was ready to give it a go and get back to the busy life I was leading.

That lasted about 2 weeks hahaha. Then I needed another break and I got one. It was much easier to get one this time though. I was more prepared for it than before. This one was shorter but still sufficient.

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