Friday, August 16, 2013

Punjabi Blood Boiling

It's not easy for anyone to watch their child leave and know they won't see them for a long time. It happens when kids in the US go away to college, it happens when Indian kids go abroad. My in-laws had to go through this with hubby. They had went through it with his brother but as his brother still lives abroad, when hubby left they would also experience the empty nest syndrome. There would be no children left for them to care for, cook for, fuss with, etc. Their whole lives were about to change significantly.

Hubby's family was happy for him. They had a lot of mixed emotions. While excited their son was going to live abroad and happy he could spend his life with his wife and start a new life, they also were sad to be sending him. No longer would they have a son to run errands, talk with them at dinner and cause them trouble - like all good kids do lol. Of course there are still 2 kids in the home but it's not the same as when they're your kids.

One minute everyone would be laughing and talking about the future. Then the room would go quiet. FIL took everyone shopping to buy gifts - then he got the bill. Lol. No one likes to pay the bill and MIL spent quite a bit of money on gifts and didn't get things for everyone so she needed more money from him. Chachi had also been shopping.

Then of course it happened. The emotions got to be too much and FIL and hubby got into an argument. Hubby said he was leaving the next day and he didn't care anymore. They stopped talking to each other and MIL wound up crying. She talked to FIL, then hubby, then back to FIL. She was the go-between trying to make peace. It didn't help much and they still didn't talk for 2 days.

Things of course settled down and then got back to normal. Well, as normal as they could get with the emotions still running so high. We just had to know they would get better as things drew closer.

Hubby wasn't much better himself. He was snippy with his answers to everyone. He had a million thoughts running through his mind. He was nervous, scared and happy as well. He had so many dreams about things he would do here, his new job and what life was going to be like. He was also worried about how would he adjust to it all. He wondered if I would take as good of care of him as he had of me? Would he get sick here? Would he miss his family? Would there be other Punjabi's on the plane? The questions and thoughts were endless.

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  1. Alexandra MadhavanAugust 16, 2013 at 8:13 PM's ok...everyone is just nervous, going into the unknown. He will be just fine with you by his side...give him some extra TLC to get through this ;)