Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fear and Apprehension - How an NRI Prepares for His Journey

The final week before hubby left his home to come and join me I saw a lot of nervousness in him. He seemed conflicted on whether or not he could face this journey successfully. I knew it was a big challenge for him and I remember facing this same thing myself.

Of course this made hubby a little moody. I think I did pretty good not getting upset with him. I found it oddly easy to remember my own feelings right before leaving and my heart softened for him. We went over things he would need to do without me and how he was to handle certain situations if they arose.

Finding time to talk to each other became a challenge. All of his relatives were either visiting, calling or demanding he visit them. His mother kept shopping and buying more gifts for him to bring. We packed his suitcases and he was borderline on weight. He had to figure out how many bags to carry and he was adamant he didn't want a carry on. This was one I had difficulty understanding but he kept thinking it was going to be too much trouble to roll this bag through the airport.

MIL made hubby all his favorite foods all week long. She didn't tell him no for anything and he said she came and sat in his room more than normal. He knew she was going to miss him and he was certain she was going to cry at the airport when he left.

All during this I was worried something would happen and he wouldn't make it to the airport on time. For some reason, all the flights to the US seem to leave around 1-3 AM. This wouldn't be a problem except the airline counters close at midnight and the lines are horrible. So if you get there at 11 for 2 AM flight you're going to be hurried through and stressed over whether or not you get through the line on time.

Then of course the lines through customs are no better because everyone is still in frustrated rush mode from the airline counters. It doesn't make for a pleasant airport experience. Then I can't help but think of Indian standard timing and how it always messes up everything. I'm certain hubby isn't getting to the airport on time. I told him to be there early and gave him a time well before he needed to be there but that never matters.

I need to tell his dad lol. FIL won't let him be late. He's great when it comes to time. IST has no hold on FIL. It's one of the qualities I admire in him. Yep, that's it. I'll call FIL and let him know when hubby has to be there and then I won't have to worry anymore.

For those of you who don't know, in our family and most of the families I know, when you need to go somewhere in India and you're taking your whole family it resembles this.
Book travel tickets
  1. Pack
  2. Pack some more
  3. Hire a car to take you to your mode of travel because everyone doesn't fit in your family car and taking 2 is not an option
  4. Family shows up at the last minute - then you need to pack more.
  5. Wake up almost at the last minute and realize you have a few more things to do before the car gets here
  6. The car shows up late, drives like a bat out of hell and you arrive at your destination with just enough time to get settled before your plane leaves you behind.
  7. Rush out of the car, hug and kiss family, don't watch them cry, race away before you get left
  8. Get on the transportation, realize your family is sad to see you go and you're not sure you really want to go
This is about how every trip goes. It's unnerving to me because I'm a planner. I like to be ready, be prepared and not wait till the last minute. I don't like chaos. My husband just goes with it as if it's second nature. God bless him for that!

I really don't think my mind will be at ease until he's landed safely. He's nervous about his layover, going through immigration and how he's going to call home at each stop. I'm nervous about how he will handle the cold when he steps off of the plane and how he's going to handle missing his family after he gets here. 


  1. Love this! He will be ok

  2. Did either/both you and your husband watch the film English Vinglish? It tells the story of an Indian (Sri Devi) going to the United States, and learning to adjust there. If your husband has not already watched it, it might be good preparation for him.

  3. We've both seen it! I may get him to watch it again though.