Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dueling Religions

Christianity provides answers to Hindu's for questions they ask all their lives and offers a solution to things they fear. Hinduism provides a sense of peace and freedom from impossible standards that Christianity does not. Thus you find a conflict between those who convert between the two religions.

Christianity offers Hindu's answers to life questions such as:
  • What is life's purpose?
  • Freedom from the cycle of rebirth
Hinduism offers Christians:
  • Tolerance and forgiveness (supposedly practiced in the church but not often found in the same sense) 
So where do the problems lie in conversion? It's the methods being used by both religions. A few, not all, religious people tend to take things too far in the name of winning the game. Human nature takes over and the principles of the very God they support are thrown aside callously. This doesn't produce long term results. It produces fleeting and fake followers.

I'm going to abstain from posting my personal opinions on this one. I do not feel they will be well received by some. Others I do not have a first hand knowledge of and thus I do not feel qualified to comment on the circumstances. Take the time to read some of these links and see how you feel.

Try to remember that being a missionary is a business. You can be removed (aka fired) if you don't convert enough souls. You can lose funding if you don't show enough numbers - whether it be conversion or attendance. It's not ran as a loving entity that rejoices in choice conversions, it's completely a numbers game.

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Radical Christians:
Voice of Dharma: Missionary's Dirty Tricks
Sins of the Missionaries: Evangelism's Quest to Conquer the World (This was reblogged from a reputable source but this link is the only place I found the full article for free.)

Radical Hindus:
New York Times: Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee
Charisma News: Radical Hindus in India Beat 20 Christian Pastors


  1. You are talking about a very specific type of Christianity, that does not apply to all Christians, i.e. fundamentalists/evangelicals. There are many tolerant Christians who also consider Jesus's teaching of forgiveness to be one of the most important aspects of Christianity, not "impossible standards." Also, many Hindus and Buddhists are not the least disturbed by the cycle of rebirth, and see it as a natural part of being a living being.

  2. I've seen the same in both kinds of Holiness, Independent Baptist and Southern Baptists all along the east coast (Florida, NC, SC, VA and TN). One of the hazards of moving is finding all sorts of bad churches sadly. I'm not familiar with most other denominations though and I've only lived in 6 states so outside of that I would hope things are much better than what I lived with in churches.