Sunday, July 28, 2013

Punjab Private Detective for Cheating Spouses

Punjab Private Detective for Cheating Spouses
Many of them say “God decides the pairs”, this is a common sentence spoken by the people from past few decades. I say that ‘marriages can be done only on earth if you maintain a good marital life that shows a path to heaven’. Recently our Punjab Private Detective has surveyed a latest analysis on a ‘Life after Marriage. We surveyed 10 newly wedded couples in Punjab and we took 1 year for this research.

In this research our Private Investigators of Punjab subjected that the three pairs are doing their life peacefully and they are willing to face the problems and responsibilities equally. Next four pairs are not happy because they are forcedly married so they are not happy with each other, daily their marital life is filled with conflicts and they are willing to be divorced. Next three pairs these are very fantastic with extraordinary performance, I can say that they are ‘good cheaters’. These pairs will get married with their own interest and after that they maintain their ‘X’ relationships before and after the marriage. Those kinds of relation can be defined as Sexual Relation. So in these 10 pairs we hardly find only 50% of couples get conflicts because they are not interested with each other.

Recently our Punjab Detective Agency got a case on this from the women who wanted her friend to be saved from her alcoholic husband. She explains that ‘she and Deepa (her friend) were close friends from their Degree onwards. Recently Deepa got married to some rich kid who doesn’t do any work except alcoholic consumption. In their newly married life that husband was very close to her friend but few months back she was suffering from her husband very brutally, she was getting scolding and even beaten by her husband’, and the women who came to our Punjab Private Detective Agency putted a request to find the truth behind this.

Our Punjab Detective Agency started its investigation to find out the truth. We didn’t even struggled in finding the truth, we met that husband offered him a drink and then he spoke out the truth one by one. This Modern Krishna is maintaining another Raadha secretly. Our Detective Agency gathered this information and told to the main victim Deepa. She smiled and gave reply that ‘I can change my husband and I have that confident’. That’s the positive spirit we should learn from her.

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