Monday, July 29, 2013

Mixed Media Monday - Punjabi/English Legal Glossary

This is one document you're going to want to download and save. While it's not every day you need to explain legal terms to your Punjabi loved one, there are times when this could prove useful like:

  • When you're watching the news and Nancy Grace comes on
  • When your favorite sitcom mentions legal proceedings
  • When you need to explain something about the law
There are probably plenty more reasons I could list as well. 

When you first open this PDF file, you'll notice that everything is in English. This is how the document starts and though it's not the way I would prefer it to be, it does work well this way. It first lists all the terms in English and provides a definition in English.

Then you scroll down to page 68/180 (PDF doc numbers and not the page numbers printed on the document) and you'll see the words again in English but followed by the definition in Gurmukhi.

Not only can you use this to help your Punjabi understand what these English legal terms mean, you can also use it to help you improve your Gurmukhi reading and Punjabi language skills. These are words you won't see everyday but they are there. Also, by learning these terms when you go to register your marriage or you need a lawyer for filing any kind of papers, you will be more familiar with these terms and lingo used on some of the signs outside of the law offices. What a find!

Save it before it's gone. These things disappear all the time and it's hard to find good Punjabi resources like this online!

Leave me some feedback when you're done. Do you find this helpful? Would you like me to share more documents like this?

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