Monday, July 1, 2013

Mixed Media Monday - One in a Million by Sukshinder Shinda

I'm changing the name of this feature. Mostly because there's a lot more out there than just music that I think can both help you in your journey to learn Punjabi and more about your Indian loves culture. While I don't think you should completely give up your culture and adopt Indian culture, it is beneficial to know about Indian life so you can better understand your mate, Indian in-laws and how the world affects them.

"Mixed" is a play on words in the title. Not only will it be a 'mixed' bag of treats, I'm going to try to focus on items of interest to both the Indian, pardesi, and intercultural relationship communities. Of course the word mixed also goes quite well with the fusion music I enjoy most. For today we're still on music but I have some great books on the way.

I'm not sure if Sukshinder is singing about his car or his woman in this one lol. In the video he keeps talking about a woman but he shows the car. It is an an awesome car. Lol. He also sings really, really fast at parts of this song. I wouldn't recommend you use this to try to sing along (while learning Punjabi) unless you just happen to be able to keep up or you like the challenge.

The Video:

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