Monday, July 8, 2013

Mixed Media Monday - Jugni Ji by Kanika Kapoor, Dr. Zeus ft. Shortie

The literal translation of the word jugni is female firefly however, in this song it takes on a more spiritual meaning. Ji of course is the term of respect almost equivalent to saying sir or ma'am.

This is a remake of an old song. Hubby said he'd never heard a girl singing it before but he liked the song. It's quite catchy, whichever version you hear. The song has spiritual and religious meaning. It is talking about life and giving credit to God. Don't let that deter you. At least hear the song through before making a decision.

I was lucky enough to find the lyrics with an English translation here at "Space to Rant."
And the video to the song is here:

If you prefer a slower pace, check out this alternate version which was shared with me on Facebook by Andrea M. of Let us go then, you and I.

Lyrics for the alternate version are here at

And the video for the alternate version can be found here on YouTube.

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