Friday, July 26, 2013

After the Visa Interview

I called FIL and told him the good news while we were on our ride back to the hotel. He was speechless and didn't answer me. I thought he might not have understood so I handed the phone to hubby and he said by that point his father was just repeating "thank you" over and over again. They ended the call and he called his mom (trying to catch her before his dad could). His mom was overjoyed. They ended the call and hubby began smiling. I think the reality was starting to sink in.

The next call was to his best friend. The friend who had helped him through all of this the most. His friend immediately started talking about their impending celebration. The last call hubby was able to make was to his brother in Australia. After that call, hubby's phone started ringing like crazy. His dad had been calling people and telling everyone in the family. Hubby laughed and talked to most of his family members about the good news. Everyone was getting excited.

Hubby and I went out and got lunch at Chili's to celebrate. It's our place in Delhi. One of his favorite American places and something familiar to me that had given me comfort on many occasions during the time I lived in India. We then did a little shopping around the mall and then made our way back to the hotel to relax. Regardless of how good this news was, the whole ordeal had been tiring and some rest was in order.

Later in the evening hubby's mom called to tell him all his dad had done. Apparently after receiving the news his father bought lunch for his entire office staff and then went out and fed 100 beggars. He ended his day at the temple.

Hubby went home the next day and his father again started celebrating. He brought home food for everyone and they had a celebration in the house. I had purchased gifts for everyone and hubby passed them out and it became a grand celebration.

Those weren't the end of the celebrations though lol. One of my gifts was a bottle of American alcohol, a kind that cannot be found in India, for him and his friends to celebrate with. I was optimistic in bringing this with me and it paid off. So on day 3, hubby and his friends got together and had their typical chicken and alcohol. Lol.

I had returned home. My job didn't allow for a lot of time off for celebrating and traveling and it takes long enough to make the flight. So I was on my way back to the states when all of this was occurring, getting updates via phone and text message along the way. It was all very exciting but of course, now that we had gotten over this hurdle, there were a lot of new things to think about.


  1. Can sure visualize the celebrations, Punjabi Style & Punjabi Size !! Congrats and Good Luck!!